Top 10 #AHRA2017 Moments

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By AHRA Staff

The 2017 Annual Meeting was held July 9-12 in Anaheim, CA. Here are our top 10 moments from the meeting – add yours in the comments!

1. 3 Top Notch Keynotes

Attendees experienced three fantastic keynotes, each with an important takeaway. Magician Chris Blackmore amused the crowd with his magic tricks, but he also imparted an important message that encouraged attendees to lead by example: “If not me, then who?”

Attendees were inspired by Jake Poore (who will also be serving as our 2017 Virtual Fall Conference keynote) to become better advocates for their patients.

And finally, Shari Harley gave attendees tips for connecting with their employees, as well as having difficult conversations with them.


2. Informative and Reenergizing Breakout Sessions

AHRA 2017 had a breakout session for just about every topic, from learning how to lead effectively, to MRI safety, to a special session with past-president Gordan Ah Tye. What session was your favorite?


3. New Member and First Time Attendee Reception

135 new attendees were able to meet with members of the board of directors and the annual meeting design team. To break the ice, everyone filled out “Ask me about…” name tags as they walked in, which sparked many great and amusing conversations. Thank you West Physics for sponsoring this great reception!


4. Awards Reception 

This special reception on Tuesday night honored award recipients, new Fellows, and scholarship recipients. Click here for more information.


5. CRA Reception

An always-popular event, Monday’s CRA reception was even more special this year as the 15-year anniversary of the CRA was commemorated. In addition to the ever-growing CRA photo, a special photo was taken of all attendees from the inaugural CRA class of 2002.


6. Over $6,500 Raised for the Education Foundation

Between the 18th Annual Imaging Classic Golf Tournament, a raffle, and other member donations, over $6,500 was raised from members to support the AHRA Education Foundation (EF). The EF also launched their newest campaign, Defining Our Future, at the meeting. Click here to learn more.


7. Regulatory Affairs

With many regulatory changes looming on the horizon, attendees were able to get information they needed through several sessions with a regulatory theme, including a session dedicated to CDS. On Monday, a handful of tables in the Exhibit Hall were set aside at lunch time for roundtable discussions on this impactful legislation.


8. Big Winners in the Exhibit Hall

While visiting with our many wonderful exhibitors during lunch, attendees had several opportunities to win cash prizes. Congratulations to our Hot Spot winners, who each received $300: Kelly Kopitzke, John Barnes Jr., Kristi Dalrymple, Joey Harding, Susan Dow, and Linda Lee Walla! Congratulations are also extended to Joe Gargin, the winner of $500 for completing the Product Showcase Passport!


9. Vendor Symposiums

Our vendor-sponsored symposiums were a huge hit, with several of the rooms being reported as standing-room-only by attendees. Topics covered included CDS, pediatric neuroimaging, cybersecurity, and more. Congratulations to April Dixon, who won complimentary registration to AHRA 2018 for attending 4 or more symposiums throughout the week!


10. SoCal Beach Party

AHRA 2017 attendees ended the week in style with a SoCal beach party, featuring the best of California’s varied cuisines, games, socializing, and dancing.


Feeling the FOMO? Save the date next year for AHRA 2018 in Orlando Florida, July 22-25.

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