Your Insider’s Guide to #AHRA2017

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By AHRA Staff

AHRA staff recently caught up with the Annual Meeting Design Team and spoke to them about the upcoming Annual Meeting in Anaheim. Whether you’re still deciding whether or not to attend, or you’re already registered and wondering how you can get the most out of your Annual Meeting experience, the design team has some great tips for you!


What can attendees look forward to at AHRA 2017?

Karla Kenefake-Hymans, CRA: A chance to meet with old and new friends, to gain some valuable information and updates about the wonderful world of medical imaging, and an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful world of Disney!




Jason Scott, CRA, FAHRA (Chair): We are going to have some AWESOME presenters at this year’s Annual Meeting! I am very excited about our keynote speakers – I have had the opportunity to hear a few of them speak, and we are in for a real treat! We also have many presenters on relevant topics including, clinical decision support, The Joint Commission, and leadership techniques.


Lisa Wood, CRA: Networking, awesome keynote speakers, feeling energized and motivated, educational sessions, and getting more involved with AHRA. Let’s not forget the vendors, and getting to discover the latest equipment and technology available in the exhibit hall!



What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned at a previous Annual Meeting?

Jamie Coder, CRA: That you are never alone. At my first meeting I realized that it is an incredible feeling to talk to someone about your day-to-day work struggles, and they just “get it.” They might not have the answer you need, but you can brainstorm together and learn from each other’s’ successes and opportunities. 


Mark Feeley, CRA: We started an Accreditation Readiness Committee after attending a breakout session from a hospital that started one of their own to prepare for Joint Commission inspections. This helps us stay in a constant state of readiness for audits.



Doug Sprague: We utilized a patient care ideal I learned from an AHRA conference session that helped us with our scores…they went up after we implemented what we learned!




Tricia Trammell, CRA: Several years ago at an Annual Meeting, I made a connection with another member who, like me, manages a breast imaging center. Our practices are similar, so we had plenty to discuss. She quickly became someone that I call on for advice, someone I respect and have long considered a mentor.


Shelley Wells: Some of the most valuable takeaways that I have had are from the educational sessions that helped me manage my staff better. There are so many excellent techniques that are used across the country, and you just have to find the one that best fits your department and facility culture.


What advice would you give to first-time attendees to get the most out of their Annual Meeting experience?

Rita Baker: Use the resources that the AHRA provides such as the staff, the Design Team members, and the AHRA Board of Directors to get help with any questions or concerns you have. And try to forget about work for a few days… if you can!



John Beall: Immerse yourself in the experience, and you’ll get a lot out of it.  Also, if you see a bunch of members around a piano trying to sing come join us!




Mark Feeley, CRA: Do not hesitate to extend a handshake to someone you don’t know. Once the ice is broken, you’ll quickly realize that we all have a lot in common. Attend the First-Time Member reception and Wednesday night’s So-Cal Beach Party!




Tricia Trammell, CRA: Spend time with vendors, even if you are not the decision maker in your organization. You want to be the one that knows what is going on in the industry.




We hope you see you in Anaheim, July 9-12! Register for AHRA 2017 now to be entered into a raffle for a free AHRA 2018 meeting registration!*


* To be included in the drawing for one 2018 Annual Meeting registration, participants must register for AHRA 2017 by 06/1/2017, as winner will be announced on 06/02/2017.

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