Being Part of Our Future

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By Lori Ann Burns, RT(R)(M)

Hello AHRA membership! I hope that the warmer weather has started to kick in (for those of you in the states that have snow in the winter) and you are able to start enjoying all the perks of spring! Here in New Jersey, spring has begun but hasn’t really decided if it wants to stay or not. Who knows, maybe we will just go right into summer! Speaking of summer, the 2017 Annual Meeting in Anaheim is only 11 weeks away.

If you’re unable to get funding to attend the conference, have you considered applying for the AHRA Education Foundation (EF)’s Osborn Scholarship? This scholarship is awarded annually, and it provides the opportunity for three AHRA members to participate in the Annual Meeting. The recipients are awarded up to $1500 to support travel related expenses. The EF will also pay conference registration fees. The deadline to apply for an Annual Meeting Osborn Scholarship is May 8. Click here to apply.

In other EF news, the Annual Appeal Committee has been working hard raising money to support programs like the Osborn Scholarship. We have currently raised over $17,000 with generous donations from YOU! The committee has been working on sending personalized e-mails to the membership – if you haven’t already received yours, keep an eye out for it coming soon! We need your support to succeed. Our corporate partners really like to see that our membership believes in what we do, so the more members who participate in the annual appeal, the better! If each member gave only $40, we would raise over $200,000 from our members alone. Can you imagine how many scholarships and educational opportunities that would provide?

So please consider donating. I believe in the AHRA and the EF. I have donated for the past 8 years because I want to be a part of our future. Do you?

Until next time!

Lori Ann Burns, RT(R)(M) is the chair of the AHRA Education Foundation. She is the MRI manager at Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, NJ and can be reached at

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