Standing Out With the CRA

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By Curtis R. Bush, CRA, FACHE, MBA

I attended the AHRA Spring Conference in Savannah and was able to present a session on mentorship with someone who I had the opportunity to mentor both professionally and for the CRA exam. At the future CRA luncheon, it was incredible to witness the excitement around the certification. There were so many people who wanted to do it as a team for their organizations, and even more who wanted to leverage the credential for career growth. Many people were talking about how employers are adding “CRA Preferred” into their job descriptions as a qualification for an imaging leadership position.

I also had the opportunity recently to speak with a member who was not successful on her first attempt at passing the CRA exam. This member did not give up, and her persistence and perseverance allowed her to pass on her next attempt. I can promise you that the exam, developed and endorsed by the Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC), ensures that you know your “stuff.” Passing the exam does not automatically make us better leaders, but it validates that we are exceptionally qualified to supervise, manage, direct, and lead an imaging team.

One thing that I learned as a mentor to someone who passed the exam was that the mentoring relationship is mutually beneficial; I learned as much from my mentee as they learned from me. We also realized that there are so many resources available to help each other get better. Whether it’s for a survey, accreditation, or taking a certification exam, there are people who have already done it before you. AHRA is here for all of us; take advantage of the experience and knowledge within the organization. It’s not about just being a member; we also need to have the persistence and perseverance to be actively engaged ourselves.

As a CRA and a mentor to my team within and outside of my organization, the significance of the CRA certification has become increasingly important. As a newly elected member of the RACC, I am excited about the goals that we have established for 2017. The CRA is a certification that quantifies our abilities and differentiates the “do’ers” from the “not-do’ers.” To be the best leaders of our organizations we need to differentiate ourselves, and a comprehensive certification is certainly a key differentiator. As a CRA, imaging leader, RACC Commissioner, and mentor, I believe that we can make a difference in the landscape of healthcare. We just need to be engaged and move on it. As we work as leaders in radiology, it’s important to be able and willing to ensure that we have a lasting legacy. In the words of Jason Aldean, “They’re sure gonna know we were here!”

Curtis R. Bush, CRA, FACHE, MBA is the director of imaging services at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, TX. He can be reached at

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