LIVE from the Spring Conference: Chaos and Change Management

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By Lynn Imel, MHA, RT(R)(M), RVT, CRA

The 2017 Spring Conference keynote speaker, Kit Welchlin, kicked off day two of the conference and the start of the Advanced Track this morning with research based information for managing change. His presentation, “Chaos and Change Management: Leading through Adversity,” included the humor that must accompany a constantly changing environment such as healthcare. Regulations, technology, information, and population all are driving forces that contribute to the chaos we all face today. Learning to work with partners in a world of chaos is good for us!

His lighthearted analysis helped identify how to manage chaos and use support to keep us healthy and happy. In chaos theory, there is an appreciation of the relationship between order and chaos. As leaders, we must adhere to organizational vision and values, which influence people’s behavior and help to get them through change. The environment must be relaxed, participative, and engaged.

The information packed session described change vs. transition, and how to make the most of change. Taking care of yourself and being a role model is important to help lead through a transition. Kit taught us about the balance of life, offering both physical and psychological remedies to help make us more successful and happy. Overall, Kit gave us a dose of optimism and taught us how to manage this chaos while being healthier, happier, and more successful both personally and as an organization.

Kit Welchlin ready to sign books for meeting attendees!

Lynn Imel, MHA, RT(R)(M), RVT, CRA is the administrator at Northwest Radiology Network, PC in Marion, IN. She can be reached at

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  1. Kit was a great Keynote speaker! He was dynamic and engaging! His book is funny and an easy read. My copy is full of dog ears!

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