Time to Choose Our Future Leaders

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Ernie CerdenaBy Ernesto A. Cerdena, PhD, RT, CRA, FAHRA

Hello again, fellow AHRA members and friends! It has been a while since my last Link post. Our association continues to advance in the talented hands of our current board members. Our strategic plan, now in the process of implementation, addresses growth, collaboration, and leadership development – all tools that will help us overcome the constant changes in healthcare today. Learning from our experiences and finding the right people to lead are the keystones of successfully implementing any tasks. As AHRA’s immediate past president and the current Chair of the Nominations Committee, I am compelled to choose the right people to form a very important committee that will impact the future of our association. I am very proud to introduce the 2017 Board Nominations Committee members:

Ernie Cerdena, CRA, FAHRA, CHAIR

Debbie Clark, CRA

David Fox, CRA, FAHRA

Gina Greenwood, CRA

Hazel Hacker, FAHRA

Bruce Hammond, CRA, FAHRA

Charles Stamper, CRA

Sarah Murray, Staff Liaison 

These remarkable individuals will help with interviewing and vetting the nominees for the 2017-2018 President-elect and directors-at-large. But first, it is your turn to exercise your right to have a say in electing our future leaders. As a friendly reminder, the deadline for AHRA Board of Directors nominations is fast approaching on January 27. Please nominate your peers or yourself to be considered for the election.

Being on the board is a commitment and not a prestige. Members of the board of directors address governance and various responsibilities concerning the organization. Some of these tasks include oversight of the chief executive, building a competent board, and ensuring adequate financial resources. Other challenges that the board undertakes include implementing the strategic plan and enhancing the organization’s public standing. These are but a few of the duties expected of the board.

AHRA members play a very important role in determining the future success of our association. As a member of AHRA, one of the best ways you can give back to this organization is to submit nominations. This simple act is one of the key things that will allow the AHRA to continue growing stronger. Thanks for your time and attention.

Ernesto A. Cerdena, PhD, RT, CRA, FAHRA is the director of diagnostic imaging/radiology services at Waterbury Hospital in Waterbury, CT. He can be reached at ecerdena@wtbyhosp.org.

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