Southern Charm

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Tricia TrammelBy Tricia Trammell, CRA, RT(R)(M)(QM), CN-BI

Have you ever heard of southern charm? I would like to tell you from firsthand experience that it is real! I spent many of my formative years, including my college education, in South Carolina, where southern charm is experienced daily. That’s why I am so excited that this year’s AHRA Spring Conference is in Savannah, Georgia! Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia, founded in 1733. It is dubbed America’s first planned city. Savannah has history, culture, and architecture enviable of any southern city, and of course… it has southern charm!

But why choose the Spring Conference? All of AHRA’s conferences are amazing; there is no doubt about that! Often, when leaders are selecting their conferences, they base their decision on the location of the conference and the sessions offered. That’s exactly why this year’s Spring Conference is so amazing! With a fabulous location and amazing sessions that will leave you educated and more empowered as a leader, you will be so glad you made this decision to invest in your career.

The Spring Conference also offers a great atmosphere for networking, with more intimate groups and sessions. So whether you are new to leadership, preparing to sit for the CRA exam, you want to stay abreast of regulatory changes, or you are a seasoned leader seeking creative ways to enhance your leadership style, the Spring Conference is where it’s at. Join me in Savannah for some southern charm and a Georgia Peach! I look forward to seeing you there!

Tricia Trammell, CRA, RT(R)(M)(QM), CN-BI is the 2017 Spring Conference Design Team Chair. She is the Manager, Virginia Clay Dorman Breast Care Center at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest in Fort Worth, TX. She can be reached at

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