2016 RACC Commissioner Ballot is Open

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The 2016 RACC Commissioner election ballots are now open! This year, there are four CRAs running for three RACC Commissioner spots. The results of this election will determine which candidates will join the RACC and help lead the CRA program through 2019.

All CRAs in good standing are eligible to vote and have until November 21, 2016 to cast their ballots. You can read their candidate statements below and review their full profiles on the online ballot. If you’re CRA, please cast your vote and help determine the future of your CRA credential!

RACC Commissioner Candidates (in alphabetical order)

Curt-BushCurtis R. Bush, FACHE, MBA, CRA
Title: Director, Radiology and Imaging Services
Organization: Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas
Address: Dallas, TX

Healthcare leadership is changing dramatically, and it is more important than ever to present radiology leadership as a strongly recognized field of clinical professionals. I have an extreme interest in grooming the future of radiology leadership, and have demonstrated that by creating a successful development plan for my team as well as mentoring individuals in other departments and facilities. As RACC Commissioner, I will uphold the integrity of the credential to ensure the exam is current, challenging, and rewarding as future CRA’s are advancing in their careers.

As a Fellow with the American College of Healthcare Executives and Certified Radiology Administrator, I have the current knowledge, skills, and abilities to advance the credential of the CRA as a highly recognized credential in the healthcare industry. I am a dynamic leader and motivator that will work tirelessly towards moving the CRA credential towards the top of all credentials for healthcare leadership, and create an environment that will make the CRA a desired and commonly recognized credential for healthcare facilities across the United States.

Drescher BetteBette Drescher, CRA
Title: Service Line Director
Organization: Group Health Cooperative
Address: Bellevue, WA

Candidate for Re-election

I have been an AHRA member since 2005 and obtained my CRA certification in 2010. I was honored to be elected to the RACC in 2013. Since then, I have enjoyed being a part of an amazing team of fellow commissioners as I have continued to become more familiar with the responsibilities of the role. During this time, I have served as Commissioner and as Chair of the Nominations Committee. I was elected to the position of Secretary/Treasurer in 2015 and currently serve as Vice Chair

I have been fortunate enough to attend the past 3 AHRA Annual meetings and have met many of you at our ever-growing CRA receptions! I have also enjoyed spending time with many of you when you stopped by the CRA booth for information or just to chat. The energy and enthusiasm among our CRA family is contagious as our numbers continue to grow.

The RACC continues to partner with AHRA as we promote the CRA credential and to further our profession. I continue to be a strong advocate for colleagues to pursue the CRA credential as I believe that having my CRA contributed significantly to being offered my position as Director of Imaging Services. Organizational leaders recognized that the CRA certification validates my solid foundation as an imaging professional.

I would be honored to continue to serve you and represent you for another term in whatever capacity is needed and I would appreciate your support.

Michael F. Newman, CRA

Title: Regional Director
Organization: Mission Health
Address: Asheville, NC

I am extremely proud of my CRA designation and what it represents. I truly feel that I can help take the CRA designation to the next level and increase our membership and overall recognition as a professional designation. I am committed to my craft and extremely passionate about the field of Imaging.

cindy-winter2Cindy M. Winter, PhD, FAHRA, CRA, RDMS, RVT, RT(R)

Title: Director of Medical Imaging
Organization: Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare
Address: Tallahassee, FL

More than 20 years ago my life changed with a diagnosis of cancer and I could no longer remain as an active member of the United States Merchant Marines and U.S. Coast Guard. Faced with the challenges of having to reevaluate my career choices, I was touched by many caring imaging technologists through the diagnosis and treatment of my illness. As a patient, the care these individuals afforded me, helped me to decide the person I wanted to become. Returning to school and beginning a second career made me that much more determined to succeed in my desire to become an imaging administrator. The CRA examination was the key to my career that allowed me to move from supervisor to manager to director. The CRA symbolizes the commitment to exceptional standards and care of both the individual candidate and their employer. As a CRA, I try to promote the power and strength of the credential among our newest imaging members on a daily basis. If elected to the Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC), I hope to make the CRA a more widely-recognized credential among the modality specific organization members such as ASRT, SDMS, and SNMMI for those looking to advance their careers as they grow.

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