Are You “All In?”

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wanda-cokerBy Wanda Coker, BHS, CRA, FAHRA

I am a huge college football fan.  From the start of the season in September until the National Championship game in January, my Saturdays are spent going to watch the Clemson University Tigers, the Auburn University Tigers, or sitting glued to my TV for away games. It is a family affair and a big event in our house.

There are a lot of analogies that I could make relating football to imaging management, but for right now, I want to focus on the phrase “all in.”  There are a lot of traditions in college football, and one that Coach Swinney at Clemson started during his first game as a head coach was that each player receives an “all in” chip. As they leave the locker room to go on to the field, each player drops it into a bucket as a statement of commitment. The “all in” tradition was featured recently on an ESPN segment, and now it’s almost everywhere: on hashtags, on T-shirts and even the title for Coach Swinney’s charitable foundation for breast cancer awareness ( But, above all else, it is a leadership statement.

The RACC commissioners, elected to serve by the CRA community, are Bruce Hammond, Brenda Debastiani, Bette Drescher, Chris Snyder, David Partridge, and Sheryl Jackson. Along with our AHRA staff coordinator, Kathryn Keeler, these ladies and gentlemen are “all in” with their commitment and leadership abilities to the RACC. It is my honor and privilege to serve as the liaison to the RACC from the AHRA Board of Directors and see their “all in” commitment first-hand.

They have a common purpose and work very hard to ensure the CRA program is maintained in high regard and the credential is held with integrity and relevance. In addition to monthly conference calls, these commissioners review each test question and its reference material for validity and accuracy. You can rest assured that they are “all in” making sure the CRA credential is held to the highest standards of achievement. Please be sure to thank them for all of their hard work and commitment. Also, the ballot will open soon for three new commissioners. If you are a CRA, please take a few minutes and cast your vote.

If you are not a CRA, I encourage you to take the exam. It is not just another collection of letters behind your name; it speaks volumes about your knowledge and leadership skills in medical imaging. If you are a CRA, hold this credential with pride – it shows that you are “all in” and leading the medical imaging profession!

Wanda Coker, BHS, CRA, FAHRA is the radiology director at Shriners Hospital for Children Greenville in Greenville, SC. She can be reached at


  1. Please give some recognition to Gian Paul Gonzalez who was the first to coin the “all in” phrase during a speech to the NY Giants. You can learn more from the ESPN documentary on this speech.

  2. “All In” and loving it, Wanda! Thank you for the inspring and ecouraging words for those in our adminsitrative industry aspiring to achieve their CRA. Well done! Go Hogs Go!! 🙂

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