Tips for the Fall Virtual Conference

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By AHRA Staff

We are thrilled to be presenting our second annual Virtual Fall Conference from October 14-28. Attendees will have access to two live sessions and eight pre-recorded sessions. Live Q&As will be held with each presenter throughout the two weeks. There will also be an attendee lounge, where attendees can chat and network, as well as an exhibit hall. AHRA staff recently asked the Fall Conference Design Team to share their best tips and some behind-the-scenes information: 


1. What can participants expect from a virtual conference? What’s the same as our in-person conferences, and what’s different?

vidulich-savino-jory-smChair, Jory Vidulich Savino, CRA: There is a great line up of speakers excited to share updates, best practices, and lessons learned. What’s the same as the annual meeting is that the keynote speaker is exceptional – expect to walk away with that “wow!” feeling. What’s different from the annual meeting is the ability to watch and learn right from your office. You can view the sessions whenever it’s convenient for you and then attend the live session with the presenter.
terry-lynn-bucknall-smTerry Lynn Bucknall, CRA, FAHRA: Participants can expect to learn about the most up-to-date topics that are affecting our practices on a daily basis. Similar to an in-person conference, topics cover all of the domains necessary to satisfy your CRA mandatory credits and the presentations will be delivered by some of the very best in their field. The best part is that you can attend the conference any time of the day, and in any location that you choose.
Cathy Coleman: Participants can expect information that they can use and have an opportunity to be exposed to something they may not have in their daily routines. The information is the same, what’s different is that other attendees are not sitting next to you. You have a choice when you want to see a session. And if you want to repeat a section, you can.


2. Do you have any tips for attendees on how to get the most out of their attendance?

vidulich-savino-jory-smChair, Jory Vidulich Savino, CRA: Take advantage of everything that is offered. Network with your fellow members in the lounge, and visit the exhibit hall to see what is new and make a connection. After you view a recorded session, you can send us your questions early, and we will pass them along to the speaker for the live Q&A session.


debra-platt-smDebra Platt, FAHRA: If you participate while at work, block your calendar, shut your door, and turn off your phone. Give yourself the gift of dedicated time and fully engage with the speaker and other participants. 



art-tasaka-smArt Tasaka: Explore the conference website beforehand. Make sure your connections and access all work correctly. Get familiar with the site and how to use all the various tools so it is easier to attend the sessions.




3. What session are you most looking forward to, and why?

terry-lynn-bucknall-smTerry Lynn Bucknall, CRA, FAHRA: I’m excited to hear our keynote speaker and learn more about the challenges that we are facing with reimbursements (as well as possible solutions) from the perspective of a radiologist. I’m also looking forward to all of the customer service/patient care topics, the discussion of dose monitoring, and definitely “Enhancing or Strengthening Your Breast Program.”


debra-platt-smDebra Platt, FAHRA: Kent Hutson’s talk on data driven decision making for radiology because I’m fascinated by metrics and what they can tell us about our patients and workflows. So much of why we collect data is driven by third party or internal requirements, and is reactive in nature. Data mining may show us opportunities to improve our processes in ways we’ve never imagined.
art-tasaka-smArt Tasaka: The live keynote, “Patient Centered Care: The Right Thing To Do And Why Not Get Paid for It.”  I’ve heard great things about Dr. Silva and am looking forward to this opportunity to hear him present. Although radiology is not a specific area or set of questions on HCAHPS surveys, we are responsible for providing a quality experience to patients and their families. Along a similar vein, I’m looking forward to “The ART of Accommodation: Creating an Outstanding Customer Service Experience.” There are so many ways we need to improve the perception of care from the view of patients and their families. I think the more we learn from presentations like this and collaborate with colleagues though the AHRA, the easier this task will become.


If you’d like to register for the 2016 Virtual Fall Conference click here.


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