What Earning My Fellow Designation Means

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By The 2016 AHRA Fellows

At the 2016 Annual Meeting in Nashville this summer, five of us were honored for our contributions to AHRA by receiving Fellow designation (FAHRA). We’d like to share our thoughts about what earning our Fellow means to us. You will see a common thread of humility, dedication, gratitude, fellowship, and pride. We hope to encourage all of our members to volunteer and reap the benefits that go hand-in-hand with giving your time and knowledge to our most outstanding organization. Feel free to contact any of us; we’d be more than happy to help you start on a path toward earning your FAHRA!


bill-algeeBill Algee, FAHRA

When looking at the list of AHRA Fellows, I am so humbled to be in this group. It is very rewarding to be recognized for the hours of volunteering, providing support to my peers, and getting way more than I give (at least that is how it feels). I encourage all of you to get involved. For me, it started with scanning badges and introducing speakers at an Annual Meeting. I thank all of you who have supported me in any way, because none of us do this alone.


terry-lynn-bucknallTerry Lynn Bucknall, CRA, FAHRA

Receiving my FAHRA is one of the greatest honors of my 40 year imaging career. It all began with a presentation at a Spring Conference in 2009, where I stepped out of my comfort zone and became acquainted with and was inspired by other dedicated AHRA members. The motivation to share my knowledge and leadership abilities and get to know some amazing people along the way has afforded me so many opportunities. Yes, some of it was challenging work, but most everything I did was so much FUN! I am so grateful for the memories and friendships I have made along the way, and I plan to continue my commitment to AHRA for as long as I am able.


russell-cainRussell L. Cain, CRA, FAHRA

There are many definitions of a “Fellow.” The major content of one definition is “sharing a particular activity, quality, or condition with someone.” The opportunity to share and learn from the fellowship of the AHRA is an important element of my professional and personal life. Being awarded FAHRA is, to me, recognition of the opportunity to both give and receive from an organization of highly select, dedicated, and devoted medical imaging professionals. Thank you!


Mark-Toatley2Mark Toatley, CRA, FAHRA

For me, achieving the Fellow designation is an acknowledgment of work and commitment and speaks to responsibility more than anything else. It has inspired me to give more of myself than ever to help this association serve its members, with the hope that others will be motivated to contribute and one day be recognized as Fellows too. Being a Fellow is a distinct honor rooted in inspired responsibility that propels me to contribute to an association which I love.


cindy-winterCindy M. Winter, CRA, FAHRA 

Earning my Fellow designation means so much more than just adding some credentials to the end of my name; it means that I have secured an entire network of friends, colleagues, and mentors to help me become a better medical imaging administrator. Moving forward as a Fellow, I now have the challenge of encouraging others to pursue the designation by becoming more involved in the AHRA community. Just as Fellows before me, I will promote succession planning, share ideas, support continuing education, and mentor others. I am extremely proud to be a part of the AHRA family, and I greatly look forward to where my Fellow designation will lead me to next.


  1. Congratulations to all of you! It is well deserved and thank you for your many contributions to our profession!

  2. Congrats to all. Well deserved and well said. FAHRA is a great honor, glad to have you added to the group.

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