2016 Award and Scholarship Winners

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By AHRA Staff

At last week’s Annual Meeting, we honored award recipients, new Fellows, and scholarship recipients with a special reception on Tuesday evening. The full list of 2016 award recipients is as follows:


Award for Excellence Recipients:

Bill Algee, FAHRA

Daniel Cavallo

Kelley Grant, CRA

Kimberly Smith

Alan Wildman, CRA


Fellow Designation

Bill Algee, FAHRA

Terry Lynn Bucknall, CRA, FAHRA

Russell Cain, CRA, FAHRA

Mark Toatley, CRA, FAHRA

Cindy Winter, CRA, FAHRA


Gary Boyd Editorial Awards

2016 Outstanding Column Award:

Sheila M. Sferrella, CRA, FAHRA for her column “Regulatory Changes ahead for Medical Imaging”

2016 Oustanding Feature Article Award:

Jacqueline Jones, RT(R), CNMT for her article “Effective Leadership in the 21st Century”


Gold Award Recipients:

Melody W. Mulaik, CRA, FAHRA

Carlos E. Vasquez, CRA, FAHRA




Annual Meeting Osborn Scholarship Recipients

Zachary Hopkins

Jose Lopez

Carmen Taylor

Annual Meeting Scholarship Recipients:

Deborah Clark, CRA

Nancy Jo David, CRA

Andy K. Gill

April Griffis

Dennis L. Oxton, CRA

Philip Ruth

Debra Tobin, CRA

Broadley Scholarship Recipients

Lori Ann Roy

Michelle Brantman

CRA Exam Scholarship Recipients – Spring

Lindsey Mullen, CRA

Marguerite Nowitzke, CRA

Congratulations, everyone!

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