May 2016 CRA Results

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Congratulations are extended to the May 2016 class of Certified Radiology Administrators (CRAs). There are currently 1,179 CRAs and CRA-Retired.

The CRA exam tests specific knowledge and skills necessary to lead an imaging team and manage the wide range of tasks involved in imaging management throughout a range of practice settings. For more information about the CRA credential, please visit our website at

Thirty-eight individuals received a passing score on the computer-based throughout May to become CRAs. These individuals may be recognized by the credential CRA after their names. 

Jesse F. Amos, CRA
Boones Mill, VA

Tammy M. Bauman, CRA
Scottsdale, AZ

Teresa Bieker Pratt, CRA
Denver, CO

Matthew W. Booth, CRA
Nassawadox, VA

Dawn A. Boyle, CRA
Farmington, NM

David S. Breitfelder, CRA
Towson, MD

Cathy Carr-Hoefer, CRA
Corvallis, OR

Christa K. Cole, CRA
Henderson, KY

Richard V. Conley, CRA
Reno, NV

Karen Connolly, CRA
Walnut Creek, CA

Christopher Davidson, CRA
Crossett, AR

Brian Gorrill, CRA
Nottingham, MD

Rachel Grasse, CRA
Menomonee Falls, WI

Scott Greenlee, CRA
Danville, IL

Todd Hoff, CRA
San Diego, CA

Candace S. Houghton, CRA
Kansas City, KS

Heather Humelbaugh, CRA
Hillsboro, OR

Victoria Johnston, CRA
Sayre, PA

Albert N. Lamptey, CRA
Bristol, CT

Elisa Lewandowski, CRA
Aurora, IL

Kristen Ligas, CRA
Muskego, WI

Stefanie A. Manack, CRA
Vernon Hills, IL

Lindsey N. Mullen, CRA
Garden City, MO

Linda D. Nelson, CRA
Charlotte, NC

Tracy Niedzwiadek, CRA
North Smithfield, RI

Marguerite Nowitzke, CRA
Trenton, MI

Sandra Phillips, CRA
Middletown, CT

Michael C. Rayne, CRA
Fruitland, MD

Lauri E. Redus, CRA
Germantown, TN

Barbara Schmenk, CRA
Columbus, OH

Terry Schuelke, CRA
Pearland, TX

Andrea N. Smith, CRA
Williamsburg, VA

Britt Smyth, CRA
Thornton, CO

Scott R. Steingall, CRA
Philadelphia, PA

Carrie Stiles, CRA
Pearland, TX

Dawn M. Vincic, CRA
Bothell, WA

Carrie L. Vogel, CRA
Alexandria, MN

Kari Westby, CRA
New London, MN


  1. Congratulations to all of the newest CRA’s. Welcome to the club. I hope to see you in Nashville.

  2. Awesome and congratualtioins to you all! What an accomplishment and so proud to have more CRA’s in our assocation! Be poroud by displaying and promoting your CRA in your employeed hosptials.

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