Demonstrating Value in Imaging

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Snyder ChrisBy Chris Snyder, CRA

Imaging is moving from a fee-for-service to a fee-for-value model, which is creating challenges that we haven’t seen before. Many mandates have been implemented to improve quality, including XR-29, PQRS, new accreditations, Meaningful Use, and the 2017 reduction in payments to facilities using analog x-ray systems. These mandates are all designed to improve the quality and value to the imaging patient, but meeting these requirements can be a costly challenge. In an imaging department, now more than ever, strong leadership is needed to guide our teams through these changes.

Radiologists have been making a push for years to improve their value to patients, payers, ordering physicians, and healthcare systems. In my twenty plus years in imaging, I have seen a transformation in the radiologists. In years past, they would sit in the dark all day and only come out for lunch – sometimes. Today, they are consulting with referring physicians, reviewing results with patients, promoting new services, and moving to the front of the line when it comes to delivery of healthcare.

Within the imaging department, we as leaders are crucial to improving the value of our department and services. We can accomplish this in many ways, such as improving employee satisfaction by using effective communication skills, ensuring that we are following all compliance measures, managing an effective budget and using cost containment tactics, and looking for process improvements to increase overall operations. I can’t think of a better way to demonstrate the value you and your team bring to your facility than by obtaining your CRA this year and encouraging your entire leadership team to take the exam as well.

September 6 is the application deadline for the November exam window. Please circle this date on your calendar and send your application in. Also, stop by the RACC booth at the AHRA Annual Meeting in Nashville for some encouragement and information on the value of the CRA. See you there!

Chris Snyder, CRA is the practice administrator at Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania Ave in Fredericksburg, VA. He can be reached at

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