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Ron Bucci - PortraitBy Ronald Bucci, PhD

The world of a healthcare administrator can be very complex; it seems as though this role becomes more complicated every day. The United States healthcare system is a flawed and broken system: there is no specific group or organization in charge, the US spends more money on healthcare than any other country in the world, and we still have many US citizens without access to healthcare insurance. These challenges in our healthcare system have caused many changes to how we practice healthcare over time, and these changes will continue to occur in the future.

A fairly recent complication to the life of a healthcare administrator is the introduction of population health. The term “population health” has been spoken at many board meetings, departmental meetings, in the news, and in gatherings at the water fountain in the hallway. Although population health is discussed in many places, many of the people discussing it do not fully understand what population health is, where it came from, and what it really means to their jobs.

So, what is population health and what does it mean to you and your job? How will population health have an effect on your future in healthcare administration? The goal of my presentation on Sunday, July 31 at 1:00 PM at the 2016 AHRA Annual Meeting is to give everyone the opportunity to define the term “population health.” We will review the history of where population health came from and why it has entered our world. We will then review how the concept of population health has changed our current and future healthcare arena, as there are more changes coming down the pike. Finally, I will discuss the challenges and upcoming events for healthcare administrators, and specifically for radiology healthcare administrators.

After enjoying this conversation, my goal is for all participants to have a better understanding of population health and its effects in the healthcare system, and for them to feel more comfortable discussing population health the next time the issue comes up. Attendees should also have some ideas for how they can review their current situations and implement strategies to be successful in the future.

Ronald Bucci, PhD is an adjunct faculty at Kent State University in Kent, OH. He can be reached at rvb183@aol.com.

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