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Partridge Headshot_smBy David Partridge, CRA, FAHRA

I have spent my career trying to improve myself. I have enjoyed getting advice from successful leaders and trying to follow their examples, from how to better run a meeting to how to sell the need for a new FTE. I have tried to add many of the positive attributes I have seen in other leaders to my skill set while making sure I avoid some of the negative things I have seen others do. I believe that great teams are led by the examples of great leaders.

My list of great leaders to work with and learn from recently expanded when I got elected to the RACC. It has created many opportunities for me. In March, Bruce Hammond and I were able to meet with a few dozen up and coming leaders and answer their questions about the CRA at the AHRA Spring Conference. We were able to discuss the exam and the value of the certification. We addressed worries and examined opportunities for growth of the credential. We also met with some seasoned leaders who wanted to ask a few questions about how they could use the CRA too.

The RACC currently has almost 20 dedicated volunteers working together to craft and update questions for future exams. Just as each of us has to keep up with the ever changing trends in imaging, so does the CRA exam. We are working with updated textbooks to ensure that we accurately assess leaders for the most current knowledge. I wish to extend a personal thank you to each of these volunteers for their time and efforts towards continually improving the exam that is aimed at credentialing the best imaging leadership across the country and the world.

As most of you have already heard, all CT technologists will soon be required to pass the ARRT’s CT registry. I believe this new challenge is an opportunity for all great leaders to lead by example. Since you are going to require your staff be registered in their specialty, lead by example and pass the management registry: take and pass the CRA exam. Work with others on your management team to ensure they are also on a path to success in obtaining their CRA certification.

Please let me or any of the RACC commissioners know if you have any questions on how to be the next “leader by example.” And come visit us in the CRA booth at the AHRA Annual Meeting in Nashville!

David Partridge, CRA, FAHRA is the imaging director for OhioHealth Neighborhood Care. He can be reached at David.Partridge@ohiohealth.com.


  1. You make a very salient point about leading by example becoming a CRA. It is on my to do list for this year.

  2. Great article from a great leader. I really appreciate the enthusiasm and knowledge that you share. You made a great point that Imaging leaders who are asking their CT Techs to take their registry to lead by example and take the CRA exam.

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