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We are very excited about our virtual Fall Conference, which starts this Friday! The new format will allow members to experience some of the most highly-praised content from this year’s Annual Meeting from the convenience of their office or home.

The Fall Conference Design Team has been working diligently behind the scenes to bring this conference to life. The AHRA staff recently caught up with a few of them to get some of their thoughts on what will make this conference so special and unique, and what they’re most looking forward to:


AHRA Staff: What are you most excited about with regards to the new virtual format for this conference?

Art Tasaka, Chair
Art Tasaka, Chair

The new virtual format provides a great opportunity for more AHRA members, together with their teams, to take advantage of best practices from across the US.






Kimberly R. Harrell, CRA

This new format will offer affordability and ease of obtaining CEs for our members!







Vidulich Savino, Jory
Jory Vidulich Savino, CRA

I am really excited to be a part of the design team launching this all-virtual conference. It is easy, accommodating, and brings current hot topics to you at your desk. This format will allow new and experienced radiology administrators to have access to great conference materials without the costs of attending in person. A win-win solution!




Summer M. Cord, CRA

Our facility has slashed our conference/CEU budget to almost nothing. I can imagine that other sites are seeing this also. This virtual conference is a great way to stay on top of new issues and our industry without breaking the bank. It also eliminates the stress of returning to a pile of work at my desk after a week away!


AHRA Staff: What session are you most looking forward to, and why?

Art Tasaka: Many of the sessions were selected from the highest interest and rank from our 2015 Annual Meeting.  I am looking forward to all of them because I was unable to attend the Annual Meeting and this is an exceptional second opportunity. I’m also looking forward to “Transformers!  More than Leans the Eye!” because I always appreciate ways we can streamline and improve processes.

Kimberly Harrell: ICD-10 is the one I am looking forward to the most. As we all know imaging has been dramatically affected.

Jory Vidulich Savino: I am really looking forward to the sessions on quality and regulations. I am new in my role as Quality Improvement Manager, and attending the virtual conference will allow me to ask questions along with everyone else and read all the responses. It will keep me up to date what others are doing for compliance.


AHRA Staff:  How do you think attendees will be able to get the most out of this conference (both networking- and education-wise)? 

Art Tasaka: Attendees will have the benefit of participating in these sessions from the comfort of their own home town without the cost of travel. The virtual networking allows us to immediately connect with more peers across the country.

Kimberly Harrell: Being able to hop online around their schedule and receive educational training is so convenient in our busy worlds. Many of us know each other and can connect on e-mail to network and discuss sessions. I have already coordinated with some friends to attend sessions at the same time!

Jory Vidulich Savino: I think the attendees will be surprised how easy it is to connect with individuals during the virtual conference by mutual interaction during the live chats with the speakers and within the site itself.

Summer Cord: I really think attendees will like the live chats.


The Fall Conference kicks off on Friday, October 16, with a live keynote session and Q&A with Dr. Richard Duszak! Click here to register.

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