Member Appreciation: September

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By AHRA Staff

Here, we warmly welcome new members, acknowledge the tenure of our most committed members, and recognize any recent successes among all members. If you would like to acknowledge a colleague, announce a promotion, or make us aware of an accomplishment please let us know.

New Members (as of August 2015)

(Want to reach out and welcome someone? Visit our member directory!)

Sharon Benfield, Taylorsville, NC
Bennie Bernard, Waxahachie, TX
Teresa Bieker, Denver, CO
Lou Bonincontri, Loxahatchee, FL
Thomas Brauer, Springfield, IL
Sarah Britt, Greensboro, NC
Tonya Brown, Winchester, VA
Chad Calendine, Hudson, OH
Katherine Copeland, Seattle, WA
Lori Covington, Irvine, CA
Joe Disalvatore, Holmdel, NJ
Kathleen Douglass, Shelby, NC
Sean Durham, New Orleans, LA
Cynthia Fox, Kenner, LA
Kelly Gritschke, New York, NY
Judith Gross, Auburn, WA
Ana Grozdanoska, Houston, TX
Fran Hackett, East Windsor, NJ
Kyle Hentschel, Shelby, NC
Derek Hunley, Hudson, OH
Kenneth Jacobs, Brooklet, GA
Carl Koslowski, Hudson, OH
Marc Kreiger, Clackamas, OR
Dolly Little, Quincy, IL
Meagan Long, Monroe, NC
Chris McCann, Germantown, TN
Kris Messner, Waterloo, IA
Matthew Mueller, Racine, WI
Linda Murphy, River Ridge, LA
Malissa Noto, Yorktown Heights, NY
Jeremiah Pauls, Richland Center, WI
Joseph Savoie, New Orleans, LA
Mary Schwaller, New Berlin, WI
Angie Sizemore, Lincolnton, NC
Jane Smith, Concord, NC
Rex Smith, Clackamas, OR
Scot Thiesmeyer, Clackamas, OR
Sandra Thompson, Concord, NC
Ryan Thompson, Calgary, AB, Canada
Marci Vasiliades, Lockport, IL
Daniel Walker, North Canton, OH
Teresa Young, Rosharon, TX

Do you know someone who can benefit from an AHRA membership? Let us know! Send contact information to our membership department at

Member Anniversaries (as of September 2015)

(Want to reach out and congratulate someone? Visit our member directory!)

30+ Years
Ronald Bernardi (35)
Cindy Wedel (30)

25-29 Years
Robert Staton (29)
Cathy Beelman (27)
Terri Gollinger (26)
Joseph Inborne (25)
Frederick Fisher (23)
Joyce Himes (23)
Dawn Savine (21)
Cynthia Myers (20)

10-24 Years
Michael Mattheis (18)
Thomas Dunn (18)
Brent Purscelley (17)
Laura Serrano-Haggard (17)
Michele Mankins (17)
Bradley Reed (17)
Richie Dupre (16)
Joe Chandler (16)
Tim Ludwig (15)
Julie Wolowitz (15)
Anne Robertson (15)
Sue Harry (15)
Diane Moreno (14)
Kimberly Weick (14)
Martin Ward (14)
John Leisen (14)
Jack Estrada (14)
Patricia Small (14)
Tommy Roberson (13)
Merikay Long (13)
Larry Winkler (13)
Babara Gerow (13)
Rebecca King (13)
Laurie Schachtner (13)
George Lowe (13)
Michelle Zellner (12)
Brian Deshotel (12)
Carol Harrell (12)
Thomas Patterson (12)
Debra Reynolds (12)
Cindy Siegel (12)
Barry Nielsen (12)
Jana Rupp (12)
Melodie Taylor (12)
Craig Freeman (11)
Loraine Prowant (11)
Irvin Green (11)
Neal Kubala (11)
Ernest Williams (11)
Brock Price (11)
Robert Junk (11)
Tina Reese (11)
Reggie Schexnaider (11)
Laura Shapiro (11)
Bart Berndt (11)
Amy Isakson (11)
Connie Busick (11)
Pamela Holbrook (10)
Valerie Hensarling (10)
Deborah Berg (10)
Brandie Foster (10)
Tom Neff (10)
Daniel Mapes (10)
Julie Bogh (10)
Sandra Mulford (10)
Sharon Gibbs (10)
Rose Sautbine (10)

5-9 Years
Jeannett Montes (9)
Judith Turner (9)
Sheven Thorson (9)
Carl Larsen (9)
Jeffrey Green (9)
William Moore (9)
Debra Clark (9)
Jerry Hatley (9)
Dave Melliger (9)
Nancy Cowden (9)
Gina Winters (9)
Johnny Shaffer (8)
Karen Mynatt-Woten (8)
Edna Moreno (8)
Jennifer Myers (8)
Richard Fowlkes (8)
Barbara Noll (8)
Laurie Dumais (8)
Carmen Green (8)
Fredrick Frowner (8)
Renee Schultz (7)
Rebecca Gutierrez (7)
Donna McCall (7)
Bruce Adamson (7)
Jeffrey Dalseg (7)
Cynthia Hummel (7)
Mark Keller (7)
John Schaffer (7)
Sandra Nichols (6)
Lynnanne Mueller (6)
Bing Teng (6)
Pamela Wickkiser (6)
Denee Hardyk (6)
Ronda Kelly (6)
Mary Jo Wiedel (6)
Gisele Riden (6)
E’Lyn Simonson (6)
James Sheehan (6)
Steven Fischer (5)
Joleen Dennison (5)
Raul Villavert (5)
Denise Mathew (5)
Kelly Dunkelberger (5)
Jennie Mezick (5)

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