Thank You, On-Site Donors!

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The AHRA Education Foundation would like to thank the following members who have made on-site donations to the EF Annual Appeal during the 2015 Annual Meeting:

Karen Steinhice
Carolyn Pfiffner
Amy R Moran
Julie Anne Black
Denise M VillNeuva
Michael R Holmes
Daniel Robert Valencia
Shelby Hacker
Troy C Fuhrman
Vanessa Tomlinson
Tanya Brightman
Seetha Reddy
Beverly A Stoudt
Eric N Henderson
Glenn Watkins
Krystal L Williams
Linda Womack
Shirley Weddle
Brian J McIntosh
Denise Rusler
Felipe Garcia Jr
Lynne Gray
Alicia Campbell
Cathy Ross
Daniel Whitt
Bruce E Peters
Karen Burger
Lisa Sturgill
Scot W Duncil
Joseph M Phillips
Sandra Phillips
Kari Prince Adams
Lisa Jones
Victoria L Novick
Paulette Duckrey
Davian Strozier
Wendy Stirnkorb
Stephanie A Manack
Debra Trammell
Daniel P Maples
Thank you for your support of the AHRA Education Foundation! If you have not donated yet, there is still time. Stop by the EF booth right inside the Exhibit Hall to make your donation or purchase raffle tickets. We’ll be drawing a raffle winner at today’s closing session – the winner will receive a free registration to next year’s Annual Meeting in Nashville!

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