RACC 2015 Call for Nominations Now Open

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Are you a CRA who might be interested in joining the RACC, the governing body of the CRA credential? Or do you know a CRA who would be terrific in that position? Now’s the time to submit a nomination!

The RACC has staggered terms, and each year we hold elections to fill the vacancies left by commissioners whose terms are up that year. Later this year, we will open a ballot for CRAs to elect 2 RACC commissioners to serve from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2018. But before that can happen, we need your nominations!

Curious to know more about how the process works?

1. First, nominations are reviewed to make sure each nominee meets the basic eligibility requirements dictated by RACC Policy. Nominees must:

  • be CRAs in good standing,
  • have held the credential for at least 1 year, and
  • nominations can only come from CRAs in good standing.

CRAs who are interested are also welcome to nominate themselves.

2. When all nominations have been reviewed, we contact each nominee. If they accept their nomination, the nominee is asked to fill out an information form with details about their experience and qualifications to help provide a well-rounded picture for the Nominations Committee to select candidates for the ballot.

3. The Nominations Committee (made up of 2 current RACC commissioners and a CRA who is not on the commission) then reviews the information forms, interviews nominees, and ultimately chooses a slate of candidates who they feel would be a great fit for the RACC and the anticipated needs of the CRA program over the upcoming 3 years.

4. Once the Nominations Committee has finished their deliberations and made those hard decisions, the final phase of the RACC elections process begins: the candidates selected by the Nominations Committee are presented to CRAs on the 2015 RACC Ballot and each CRA is asked to cast their vote and help select the next leaders to help steer the CRA credential in the coming years.

But, it all begins with your nominations.

The RACC is accepting nominations through Tuesday, September 1, 2015, and CRAs are invited to submit nominations here before that date. You can find out more about the RACC, how it functions, and what your commissioners do through our regular Link articles here, by contacting current commissioners here, by talking to commissioners at the AHRA Annual Meeting at the CRA Reception or at booth 623 in the exhibit hall, by browsing the minutes from RACC meetings here, or by asking us what you want to know on our contact page here.

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