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Jack DurbinBy Jack Durbin, CRA

AHRA Annual Meetings are a wonderful source of information covering all aspects of the imaging world. When I first became an imaging manager, my supervisor at the time “volun-told” me to attend the Annual Meeting, and I was hooked right away. I enjoy the networking opportunity with my peers; the timely, applicable, and in-depth information provided by the speakers; and the opportunity to meet and talk with the vendors about their products in the exhibit hall. It seems that at every AHRA meeting (including the local area meetings), there is always a topic being discussed that is currently applicable to my specific area of responsibility. It is great to hear how others are handling the challenges associated with managing a healthcare department.

With the impacts that the Affordable Care Act has had on healthcare (and imaging), the resources that are available through AHRA membership (either directly or indirectly) have been extremely helpful in evaluating past practices for opportunities for gains in efficiency in the workforce, correct billing, and continued compliance with regulatory guidelines. While the online resources such as the articles in Radiology Management and Link are helpful and informative, the ability to participate in the live presentations at the Annual Meeting provides a unique experience to interact with experts in the field in real time.

I deeply appreciate the scholarship opportunity provided by the AHRA that enables me to attend the Annual Meeting this year. I am looking forward to attending the meeting and know that I will return with the tools and resources I need to continue to grow in my profession.

Jack Durbin, CRA is the diagnostic imaging manager at Whidbey General Hospital in Coupeville, WA. He can be reached at

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