Reconnecting at the Annual Meeting

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Joe InbornoneBy Joe Inbornone, MA

As a member of AHRA since 1990, I have seen the organization go through many changes. I was the Southern Region Education Coordinator back when there were still regions. Over the years I have attended about 20 Annual Meetings. Each year I look forward to attending to meet up with my fellow directors and managers to both catch up on our friendships and also to hear about any new ideas that they may have implemented over the past year to improve their imaging departments.

The 2012 Annual Meeting in Orlando was very exciting as my manager Laurie Hitzel and I won the poster contest. Our poster showed the positive results on how we improved our diagnostic imaging ED TAT’s.  Every meeting I have attended has given me the opportunity to make myself not only a better leader but also a better person in life.  Many of the keynote speakers have had some influence on how I live my life.

After the 2013 Annual Meeting, my life changed as I was no longer employed as the director of imaging services. I found myself out of healthcare for the first time since I started X-ray school back in 1998. Even though I am not currently in healthcare, I have found interesting work at the high school where my kids attend. I work as a paraprofessional and spend my days with two autistic students, assisting them with their daily schoolwork.

As the 2015 Annual Meeting began to approach, I decided that I needed to attend this meeting to get reconnected with my friends and search for job opportunities in healthcare. It was then I decided to apply for the Annual Meeting Scholarship. I had some initial hesitance, as I thought “why would the AHRA support an unemployed member?” I completed the application noting that I have attended about 20 Annual Meetings, have volunteered on several committees, and even hosted a regional one day seminar.  But still thought that I would never get such an opportunity.

Well I am now attending the 2015 Annual Meeting after being selected for the scholarship. I owe a big thanks to the AHRA team for giving me an opportunity.  I have already signed up to volunteer at the meeting to show my appreciation.

Joe Inbornone, MA lives in Lake Mary, FL. He can be reached at


  1. Who better to give a scholarship to? As a member of the board, I hope I get to meet you in Vegas.

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