One Day, Four Valuable Presentations

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Jason Scott headshotBy Jason Scott, CRA, FAHRA 

The Indianapolis area meeting held on February 26 was a resounding success! Over 50 people gathered at St. Vincent Fishers Hospital for a day of networking and educational sessions.

The day started out with Don Cull’s presentation on increasing patient satisfaction, which was interactive and fun. He spoke about his healthcare facility’s transition to improving the patient experience by using the Lean Six Sigma methodology. The importance of an affinity diagram was discussed, and attendees formed groups to put together their own diagrams. Don also spoke about giving every outpatient a personal thank you note, having a customer service task force, and looking at both positive and negative comments in order to improve each patient’s experience.

Mike Bull spoke about the implementation of a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). At Stage 3 of Meaningful Use images must be shared, making a VNA an important piece of equipment. Overall, radiology produces about 25% of all healthcare data, which is the largest amount of data within healthcare delivery. Making sure the data is secure is of paramount importance. Mike also took the time to speak about the five different levels of VNA and the advantages of each.

After lunch, Andrea Platt spoke about intergenerational communication. It is amazing how each generation’s work habits are vastly different. What is important to the Veteran generation is not exactly important to the Millennials, the newest generation. As radiology administrators, we have to adjust our communication style based upon the generation we are speaking to in order to obtain maximum effectiveness and the desired results. Andrea also spoke about the importance of communication with patients based upon their generation.

Tim Greist finished the day talking about the revised Joint Commission requirements for diagnostic radiology. These new requirements will take effect July 1, 2015. Safety is of the utmost importance, and the Joint Commission is setting the standard high when it comes to radiation dose and protection. Radiologic technologists need to have yearly education on radiation dosing to decrease dose levels, CT protocols need to be reviewed regularly to make sure the dose is acceptable, and MRI safety zones must be clearly marked. Like CT, MRI technologists also need annual training on MRI safety. Furthermore, CT, PET, MRI, and NM equipment needs annual testing. The presentation was full of valuable information.

Thank you to the presenters, the sponsors Hitachi and Bracco, and the attendees for contributing to the meeting’s success. I look forward to working on more fantastic AHRA events in the Hoosier State!

Click here for photos from the event!

Jason Scott, MBA CRA FAHRA is the chief patient experience officer and director, imaging/cardiac diagnostic/pulmonary/neurodiagnostics/wound care at Witham Health Services in Lebanon, IN. He can be reached at

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