RACC Commissioner Election: Meet the Candidates!

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The 2014 RACC Commissioner election opened today, Wednesday, October 29. The results of this election will determine which candidates will join the RACC and help lead the CRA program. For a detailed look at what the RACC does, check out RACC Vice Chair Jacqui Rose’s April 2013 Link article, The RACC – What Do They Do?

The 2014 vote will elect two commissioners to serve three year terms on the RACC from January 2015 until December 2017. All CRAs in good standing are eligible to vote and have until November 25, 2014 to cast their ballots.

The RACC ballot is linked to the CRA website here.


The 2014 RACC Commissioner Ballot

This year, there are four CRAs running for RACC Commissioner. They were selected from among the nominees by the RACC Nominations Committee.

You can read their candidate statements below and review their full profiles on the online ballot:


DeBastiani BrendaBrenda DeBastiani, CRA, FAHRA

Director of Imaging
Monongalia General Hospital
Morgantown, WV

I was promoted one year ago from supervisor to director. I feel that my job advancement was very much tied to the fact that I have my CRA credential and have been a high-performer. I attribute my success to the AHRA, since most of my management training has come from the Annual Meetings. I believe that I am a walking testimonial for how important the CRA credential is. I am passionate about the AHRA and what it has to offer its members. I would like the opportunity to give back to the AHRA by participating on the RACC. I am very knowledgeable about pressing topics in our field. I am a hard-worker, and I get along well with others. I have a positive attitude and am eager to assist however I can. I believe that all of these qualities would help me be an effective RACC Commissioner. I was very moved at the CRA reception at the AHRA Annual Meeting this year by seeing the amount of heart that everyone has put into their positions. I support your mission and hope to be chosen to participate.
John NealJohn Neal, CRA

Administrative Director of Ancillary Services
Wise Regional Health System
Decatur, TX

When I passed the CRA exam in 2008, I was filled with a new pride in our profession and a great boost in confidence. I had proven to myself and my peers that I possessed a certain knowledge base and level of experience. My Hospital System, however, was unfamiliar with the credential and thus, unimpressed. I spent the next 5 years proving the CRA and AHRA to my administration and encouraging my staff to strive for AHRA membership and the CRA credential. In January of this year, I was promoted to an administrative position over all ancillary services in our system. My battle paid off! My drive to become a RACC Commissioner is based on my interest in advancing the credential and fighting the recognition battle for all current and future CRAs. I feel that my experience as an imaging director, and now as the administrator hiring an imaging director, I have a perspective on what the CRA credential reflects now, the direction for the future, and what qualifications an imaging management professional should carry.
Snyder ChrisChristopher Snyder, CRA

Director, Technical Services
Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg
Fredericksburg, VA

As healthcare challenges continue, strong imaging leadership is going to be essential to the success of any healthcare organization. To be successful our job is no longer confined to the four walls of the imaging department. We are involved in human resources, regulatory, finance, marketing, and operations – all critical areas of healthcare management. The CRA credential validates our competencies in these domains.

With over 14 years of imaging and hospital operations experience, I bring experience and knowledge from an acute care setting, outpatient setting, and physician practice perspective. I want to be part of the process as the RACC prepares imaging leadership for the many challenges ahead by continuing to bring professional recognition and esteem to the CRA credential.

If I am given the privilege to be involved with the RACC I will work with the other commissioners to bring awareness to healthcare executives the value that a CRA credentialed leader brings to a healthcare organization.
Wagner Connie 2014Connie Wagner, CRA

Director of Radiology
Parkwest Medical Center, an affiliate of Covenant Health
Knoxville, TN

My contribution to this role is the ability to work hard and follow through on projects to their completion. I have an innate talent to hold crucial conversations with positive results. The combination of my skills and experience will add value to the RACC.

I feel very fortunate to work in the field of radiology, which has supported me for 42 years. This profession has enabled me to grow technically within various modalities such as diagnostic and interventional radiology, mammography, CT, and MRI. It has also afforded me opportunities in professional development from technologist to a director. It is now time for me to give back to the profession and concentrate on areas where I can best use the knowledge that others have bestowed upon me to mentor, promote, and guide radiology professionals to achieve management excellence in their radiology careers.

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