Announcing the Regulatory Advisory Panel!

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By AHRA Staff

Last year, AHRA established a Regulatory Affairs Committee to make recommendations on AHRA’s level of involvement with advocacy groups and coordinate activities pertaining to regulatory affairs, including participation in the Imaging eOrdering Coalition. The Imaging eOrdering Coalition is an alliance of leading healthcare providers, technology companies, and diagnostic imaging organizations aimed at interacting proactively with policymakers and healthcare providers on certain issues related to imaging services. In particular, the Coalition advocates the use of electronic decision support technologies that give clinicians guidance regarding the ordering of patient-appropriate imaging services.

Recently, the Regulatory Affairs Committee has created a new Regulatory Advisory Panel, led by committee members Luann Culbreth, CRA, FAHRA, and Carlos Vasquez, CRA, FAHRA. The panel will come together to provide their feedback and perspective on key regulatory issues that will impact their operations. We are proud to introduce the members of this new advisory panel:

  • Steve Davis, CRA
  • James Miller, CRA
  • Carrie Stiles
  • Marie Fredrick, CRA
  • Jacqui Rose, CRA, FAHRA
  • Lisa Wood, CRA

Thank you to these six members for giving their time and serving AHRA and its members!

If you have any feedback you would like to send to the Regulatory Affairs Committee or Regulatory Advisory Panel, please e-mail

If you’d like to volunteer for AHRA, please click here to review all available opportunities.

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  1. What a great group of professionals representing the AHRA for important perspective on key regulatory issues impacting our Imaging industries managment and operations. I look forward to hearing more good things from this dynamic panel!
    Dave Fox

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