2014 Award Ceremony and Fellows Reception

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Last night AHRA honored award recipients and new Fellows with a reception at Pose on the 18th floor of the Gaylord National Hotel. The full list of 2014 award recipients is as follows:

Award for Excellence Recipients:

Gene H. Bernieri, CRA

Peter de Graaf, CRA

Sharon Harms, CRA

Dennis Indiero

Sharon White, CRA HB1_0334 Fellow Designation

Brenda DeBastiani, CRA, FAHRA

Bruce W. Hammond, CRA, FAHRA

Kevin Hendrickson, CRA, FAHRA

Jason Newmark, CRA, FAHRA

Jason Scott, CRA, FAHRA HB1_0353 Radiology Management Awards

2014 Outstanding Column Award:

Paul Dubiel, CRA, FAHRA for his column “Finding and Mentoring the Next You”

2014 Oustanding Feature Article Award:

Jason Scott, CRA, FAHRA for his article “How Healthcare Leaders Can Increase Emotional Intelligence” HB1_0362 Annual Meeting Osborn Scholarship Recipients

Laurelynn L. Brey, CRA

Eric Pollard, CRA

Adam Volluz HB1_0364 Broadley Scholarship Recipients

Brenda DeBastiani, CRA, FAHRA

David Wilson HB1_0367 Gold Award Recipient:

Terry Dowd, CRA, FAHRA HB1_0407 Congratulations, everyone!

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