The Annual Meeting = Brain Food

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Ruscitto, VivianaBy Viviana Ruscitto MBA, CRA, RT

My recent weeks have been filled with joy anticipating attending the upcoming AHRA Annual Meeting. I smile as I recall my first Annual Meeting in 2006 and the excitement of having a few days dedicated to radiology brain power. I remember speaking with fellow attendees and discussing topics such as employee performance, dealing with a disgruntled employee, job stress, new equipment purchases, equipment issues, leadership, mentoring, coding, contrast, safety, and the list continues. I had thought I was the only imaging professional in the planet with these issues. At the Annual Meeting I realized how many radiology peers felt the same as I did – I was not alone and never would be. There are other radiology management geeks out there; people who eat, sleep, and breathe radiology!

That first Annual Meeting I attended was held in Las Vegas – what a way to gain knowledge and have just a little extra fun! I have had more than my share of fun at all the AHRA meetings I have attended. One of my favorite moments at my first Annual Meeting was the silent auction. I was very excited to bid on Wilhem Röntgen stamps – I have them in my radiology geek collection box.

I recall sitting with one of my colleagues at a session regarding future leaders – that colleague and I have both grown enormously since then. My colleague is actually an AHRA and radiology guru. His commitment to our field and especially AHRA has made me dedicate myself as well. I found that I wanted to contribute something, anything, so I volunteered at my next meeting and loved it. This was a stepping stone to my commitment. Due to the Annual Meetings I have been involved with and with the gentle push from my guru I am a board member of my local AHRA group. I have made many connections and have been fortunate to be involved with a great group of people. The connections I have made and continue to make strengthen my leadership journey.

Attending Annual Meeting sessions and listening to my colleagues’ thoughtful comments and questions has assisted me in my leadership growth and etched the path for so much more. I have found that AHRA meetings are brain food for me; at every session and every new attendee interaction I gain additional knowledge. It’s always exciting to see how I can apply what I have learned. We all enter management with much to learn, and AHRA meetings help you achieve job success.  I look forward to the upcoming Annual Meeting!

What was the first Annual Meeting you ever attended? Send your story to Kerri Hart-Morris (, and it could be published here too!

Viviana Ruscitto MBA, CRA, RT is the director of diagnostic imaging at WESTMED Medical Group in White Plains, NY. She can be reached at

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