CRA Preparation and Succession Planning

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Rose_JacquiBy Jacqui F. Rose, CRA, FAHRA

I’m just amazed every time I hear about the great things our CRAs are doing!  I recently read John Halligan’s article about his journey preparing to take the CRA exam, and I was inspired to find out more CRAs’ stories of their preparation for the exam. Thank you to those who took a few minutes to share with me their stories, there was a great response. Of those who responded, 98% have encouraged someone else to take the exam. I was amazed that just over 50% of the respondents have used CRA exam preparation as a succession tool for themselves or someone else. 70% of these folks have also taken on the challenge of mentoring someone else to take the exam. There’s a great deal of energy out there around this credential!

There are so many tools and people available to assist in preparation for the exam, how can we refuse the challenge? The new Education Foundation scholarship makes it even easier to become a CRA, just ask Heather Lyn Burkdoll, CRA, our first scholarship CRA. The Professional Development in Radiology textbook series available through the AHRA provides 5 of the 6 reference books for the exam. And there are also many people out there mentoring and encouraging potential CRAs!

Many of us spend a great deal of time working on accreditation programs to show the quality of our services, so why not do that for ourselves? There is no better way to gauge the quality of what we do every day than to include those three letters – CRA – after our names! Not to mention the preparation for CRA candidates and the continuing education for current CRAs is a great way to continue the learning process that we embrace daily.

Current CRAs, I hope you plan to attend the Annual Meeting next week in Washington, DC. Stop by the CRA booth (booth 418 in the exhibit hall), and pick up a challenge chip! Then sometime in the next few days, either at the conference or back home, challenge someone else to become a CRA! Please also join us at the CRA reception on Monday night at 6:15pm to network with your fellow CRAs. Click here to RSVP. Future CRAs, please come to the Annual Meeting and stop by the booth for great information on the testing and requirements, as well as some moral support!

This year the RACC set a goal of increasing CRAs from the AHRA membership to 20% and we have accomplished that goal! Every day we look for more ways to elevate the value of this credential within the healthcare nation. If you aren’t a CRA yet, it’s time for you to join the ranks!

Jacqui F. Rose, CRA, FAHRA is the director of imaging services at Upper Valley Medical Center in Troy, OH. She can be reached at

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