May 2014 CRA Results

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Congratulations are extended to the May 2014 class of Certified Radiology Administrators (CRAs). There are currently 1098 CRAs and CRA-Retired.

The CRA exam tests specific knowledge and skills necessary to lead an imaging team and manage the wide range of tasks involved in imaging management throughout a range of practice settings.

Sixty individuals received a passing score on the computer-based examination over the course of the month to become CRAs. These individuals may be recognized by the credential CRA after their names.

Jay Anderson, CRA
Bellingham, WA

Patrick Anderson, CRA
Gilbert, AZ

Brad Bauer, CRA
Jonesboro, AR

Louis C. Bischoff, CRA
Novi, MI

Deborah Blackwell, CRA
Houston, TX

Deborah H. Bowie, CRA
Franklin, GA

Yusuf Bozkaya, CRA
San Diego, CA

Paul H. Brown, CRA
Murphy, NC

Heather Lyn Burkdoll, BS ,CRA
Garnett, KS

Michele Butalla, BS, CRA
Marathon, WI

DeborahAnn Carroll, CRA
New Hampton, NY

Quentin Cole, CRA
Los Angeles, CA

Claudia Cooper, CRA
Palo Alto, CA

Tina R. Crain, CRA
Kansas City, KS

Craig Czaplinski, CRA
Allentown, PA

Charles A. Demanche, MBA, CRA
Colorado Springs, CO

Laurie Dumais, CRA
Manassas, VA

Joanne M. Durney, CRA
Howard Beach, NY

Gina M. Grennan, CRA
Sterling, IL

Karen A. Harrison, CRA
Rutland, VT

Mathews Hizon, MBA, CRA
Stanford, CA

Darrall Hughes, CRA
Centerville, OH

Mary Ellen Hughes, CRA
Palm Harbor, FL

James Patrick Hurley, MBA, CRA
Vail, AZ

Katherine D. Jones, MA, CRA
Flat Rock, NC

Carla M. Knisley, CRA
Huber Heights, OH

Trevor W. Krawchuk, CRA
Mankato, MN

Terry B. Larson, RTR, CRA
Cameron, WI

Michael Jon Locke, CRA
Phoenix, AZ

Alfredo Lopez, CRA
Charlottesville, VA

Joseph J. Macaron, CRA
Coatesville, PA

Judith L. May, RT(R)(MR) RDMS, CRA
Lancaster, PA

Brian J McIntosh, CRA
Shrewsbury, MA

Mary Lou Melhorn, CRA
Salisbury, MD

Cheryl Mertowski, CRA
Buffalo, NY

Michael W. Miller, CRA
Lewisburg, PA

Michael F. Newman, CRA
Willow Spring, NC

Julie Olmsted, CRA
Union, NJ

Francis L. Owens, CRA
Yuma, CO

Beth Parsley, CRA
Paoli, IN

Joseph Perez, CRA
Fulshear, TX

Kelly Piersall, CRA
Stilesville, IN

Patricia Popp, CRA
Tucson, AZ

Brock Price, CRA
Sherwood, OR

Cathy Riley, CRA
Sharon, CT

Mark A. Rita, CRA
Dayton, OH

Viviana Ruscitto, MBA, CRA
Valley Cottage, NY

Marianne D. Scaperotto, CRA
Ardmore, PA

Jason Shepherd, CRA
Knoxville, TN

Joseph J. Strano, MBA, CRA
Parkville, MO

Bart Thompson, CRA
Tacoma, WA

Chris B. Threadgill, CRA
Ackerman, MS

Ryan Tipton, RT(R)(CT), CRA
Knoxville, TN

Carmen D. Utecht, BS, CRA
Phoenix, AZ

Barbara K. Vess, CRA
Prince Frederick, MD

Carrie Walker, BS, CRA
Andover, NY

Ingeborg J. Walsen, CRA
Cheyenne, WY

Wendell Waters, CRA
Birmingham, AL

Mary Jo Wiedel, CRA
Steamboat Springs, CO

Robert W. Wright, CRA
Mount Olive, NC


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  1. Hello
    Can you please email the link that shows my name from the published announcement of CRA results from 10/2011. Subsequently, I never saw it published. Thank you for your attention. I sincerely appreciate your anticipated follow up.

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