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By AHRA Staff

Elections for the 2014-2015 AHRA Board of Directors and President-Elect will take place online beginning May 30, 2014 and ending at midnight June 30, 2014.  Voting is open to all members in good standing.  Emeritus members may not vote.

You can learn more about each candidate by viewing their online member profiles, which you will be able to find at by the start of the election period.


AHRA President-Elect Candidates (in alphabetical order):


Ernie CerdenaErnesto Cerdena, CRA, FAHRA
Director of Imaging Services
Vassar Brothers Medical Center
Poughkeepsie, NY

I am interested in serving as President of AHRA’s Board of Directors because:

The distress in healthcare’s economic condition is the impetus of the challenges that many healthcare leaders face today.  Survival under this condition requires the presence of a solid professional organization with strong leadership. With high enthusiasm, I am interested in serving as President of AHRA because I believe that in collaboration with the board, working with the AHRA staff, membership input, and partnership with our corporate sponsors, I have the willpower and the capacity to lead our professional association and its membership to the next level. Serving as  President of the association for medical imaging management requires more than charm; it necessitates inspiring our community to embrace and act on the AHRA mission through our core ideology: integrity, collegiality, and leadership.


Jason NewmarkJason Newmark, CRA
Vice President, Diagnostic Services
Baystate Health
Springfield, MA 

I am interested in serving as President of AHRA’s Board of Directors because:

It is an extremely exciting time to be involved in healthcare administration and leadership.  Yes, I said exciting!  Technological advances, healthcare reform, aging staff and patients, pressure to do more with less, and imaging services being seen more and more as a commodity — “lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”  This is the perfect storm, or as I see it, opportunity, for new leaders to emerge and for new ideas and strategies to be developed and tried.  AHRA is perfectly positioned to help develop and support the imaging leaders of today and tomorrow to seize the day.

In 2005, I attended my first AHRA meeting as a new manager in imaging just trying to learn how to spell half the words I was hearing – and by the end of that week, I had gained numerous new friends and realized that I was not alone with my challenges and opportunities…and I could in fact spell Roentgen!   Since that first meeting almost ten years ago, I have been proud to be an active member of AHRA by promoting and attending local/regional and annual meetings, publishing articles, presenting on various topics, achieving CRA status, being part of the 2009-2011 Annual Meeting design teams, and in 2011 being elected to the board of directors (and acting in the role of Finance Director for the EF and AHRA for the past 2 years).

These experiences have helped me to truly appreciate the value and strength of our organization and our members.  We now need to continue to increase membership and member participation, strengthen the programs we offer, develop new and innovative educational services to help grow future leaders, and enhance AHRA’s influence in the evolving healthcare environment.

I have a truly deep-seated and sincere wish to help lead AHRA in achieving these goals as the President of the Board of Directors.


AHRA Director-at-Large Candidates (in alphabetical order):


Bill AlgeeBill Algee
Radiology Manager
Columbus Regional Hospital
Columbus, IN 

I truly believe AHRA embodies the philosophy of servant leadership. The encouragement to serve each other as fellow leaders by sharing information has been key to the organization’s success.  Over the years I have served in many different capacities within AHRA, each one providing me with skills to be the best leader possible.  I want to give back and work hard to lead the association, its philosophies, and the membership as new challenges arise.  “Thinking Beyond” is my organization’s motto, and I believe innovative thinking and action will create an association that is viable and respected by healthcare institutions and organizations everywhere.  It is imperative that we listen to our membership and ensure their needs and desires for our organization are respected as decisions are made on the future of the AHRA.


Russell CainRussell Cain, CRA
Director of Imaging Services
Atlanta Medical Center
Atlanta, GA

2nd term 

Today, healthcare in general, and medical imaging in particular, face challenges that are possibly greater than we have ever faced. AHRA must continue to be the leading voice for its membership on the issues that are impacting its members and their organizations.

During my current board of directors tenure, we have moved forward in many areas, including but not limited to an improved financial position, a military membership focus (including aiding military members transitioning to the civilian sector), sustained membership growth, and the current move toward a national productivity benchmarking program.   We have reached out to join with other organizations to pursue common goals including supporting women’s health issues such as the regulations concerning dense breast tissue reporting, and radiation exposure and dose reporting.  I take no credit for these advances but have been active in the growth and development of them as a member of the board.

As we move forward, I pledge to continue to work for and with the membership to meet the many challenges facing healthcare and our organization today and in the future.  I will continue to support the refinement and continuing evolution of a strategic goal and objectives that take us to the next level in relevant and meaningful efforts.  My desire to aid the development of quality leadership, quality medical imaging, and the education and growth of all those involved in healthcare and imaging remain steadfast. It is my passion and desire to contribute to successful attainment of the goals and objectives of AHRA and its membership.


Janice EurtonJanice Eurton, CRA, FAHRA
Manager Outpatient Imaging
Clark Memorial Hospital-Outpatient Imaging
Georgetown, IN

2nd term

AHRA’s commitment to the continued development of existing leaders and its efforts to educate and develop future leaders is aligned strongly with my own goals and commitments. It is unfair in today’s healthcare arena to ask future leaders to train on the job with little or no support in the transition.  I strongly support the CRA credential and feel it will be a determining factor in the future selection of the industry’s best leaders.

Having served on the board for the past three years, I have been actively involved in several projects to better serve the organization, including sitting on the core committee of the upcoming labor utilization/productivity project. If re-elected to serve a second term, it would be my honor to continue to work hard for our organization, continue work on projects currently in progress, and most importantly to endeavor to have imaging recognized as a profession on an equal level with our nursing partners.

I feel it is important to promote membership within AHRA in order to keep the profession strong and be an ally for its leadership.  In addition, I have a strong commitment to the AHRA Education Foundation and the opportunities it brings to AHRA members.

In today’s tough economic environment it is important to have strong dedicated leaders who continue to steer the organization in the right direction and to uphold a stronger presence and voice in federal laws and regulations.

I bring over 30 years of imaging experience to the board and will endeavor to contribute the knowledge gained from those years of experience and to support and promote AHRA in a confident and professional manner. I believe in the AHRA mission and vision and would be proud and honored to be re-elected for a second term and continue with AHRA’s future growth and development in these difficult and fast-changing times.


Wes HardenWesley Harden, CRA
Director of Radiology
Florida Hospital Deland
Lake Mary, FL

I was practically born in imaging! My mother was a mammographer/ X-ray technologist for 30 years as I was growing up. I now have been in the field for over 25 years myself and have been a member of AHRA for over 10 years. In this time I have learned so much from the networking and programs that this organization has provided. I feel now that my many years of experience in everything from building OP centers, PACS and RIS go lives, equipment purchases, to radiology group relations give me a chance to give back to the organization. Honest, passionate leaders are needed to continue moving AHRA forward.



David PartridgeDavid Partridge, CRA
Administrative Director of Imaging
Columbus, OH

I am interested in becoming a board member to help plan and organize opportunities to meet association members’ needs for professional growth.  I plan to apply my experience to promote educational activities for the enrichment of imaging leaders as they approach the challenges of a changing healthcare environment.  AHRA has been an excellent networking resource for me.  I would like to ensure progress for future leaders.

I believe that, as leaders, we must continually work to improve ourselves in order to foster collaboration and guide our respective teams into an uncertain healthcare future.  As AHRA continues to build relationships with vendors and legislative leaders, the Board of Directors will be able to better assist their members in planning, mentoring, and budgeting.

I will be a valuable asset in the advancement of our association by drawing input from a variety of healthcare leaders and ensuring that AHRA continues to make progress towards its goals.  I am driven to find creative solutions that will keep our current members engaged in AHRA events and promote new membership. 



Brenda RinehartBrenda Rinehart, CRA, FAHRA
Vice President and Chief Operations Officer
GraceStone Professionals
Auburn, WA

2nd term

I have been a member of AHRA since 2004 when my director introduced me to the organization. I sat for my CRA exam in the first four months because I saw the value in the credential—I was all in from the beginning. Since that time, I have attended EVERY Annual Meeting, volunteered in many capacities, presented, written several articles for both Link and Radiology Management, served as the national chair for the membership campaign, raised awareness and funding for the AHRA Education Foundation, co-chaired the regional AHRA cohort for the Pacific Northwest region, served on the AHRA board of directors, and earned my Fellow in 2012.  AHRA promotes professional excellence; it is MY association, and it allows me to not only grow professionally, but to create my professional legacy.

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