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By Jacqui F. Rose


February 2014—In January, the AHRA community lost a friend and colleague.  Ron Barak passed away suddenly and will be greatly missed.  Ron began his career as a radiographer in 1989 and gradually moved into interventional radiography and quality management.  While focused on IR, Ron’s career detoured towards management.  As he was covering for a teammate in a supervisory role, Ron discovered a new opportunity to work his way into management.  Elliot Silverman recalls knowing Ron for 20+ years back to his early days in radiology.  He shared that Ron had a passion for imaging and the people in it.  He was always a very positive person who was warm and sensitive and cared for the people he served as well as his team mates and staff.

Ron received his BHS in 2004 and an MBA in 2007.  He joined the AHRA in 2001 and was in the inaugural CRA class of 2002.  Ron spent most of his career in Florida with his wife and children. He earned AHRA Fellow designation in 2011 after dedicating significant time to the advancement of AHRA through committees such as:  Rapid Review, the Product Development Committee, the Webinar Design Team, the Editorial Award Task Force and the Annual Meeting Design Team.

One fellow design team member and friend, Kevin Hendrickson, fondly remembers, “Ron was a proud member of AHRA.  He always wanted to be involved and would do whatever he could do to volunteer and help.  Ron and I were members of the 2005 Annual Meeting Design Team in San Antonio.  The design team decided to dress as cowboys for the Wednesday evening closing event.  On the way to the event, Ron and I were walking with the design team and a group of members to dinner.  We overheard one of the member’s young daughters, she was probably 5 or 6, say that she wanted to walk with the ‘cowboys.’  Ron tapped me on the shoulder and said lets slow down and escort her to dinner.  We did and it made her night.”

DSC_5555 2005 AMDT theme party San Antonio

In the entire time Ron was an AHRA member, he only missed one Annual Meeting.  He often combined a family vacation with the Annual Meeting so that he could spend some quality time with his family.  It was evident that his family was very important to him, and he took great pride and joy in being with them. 

Ron was elected to the Radiography Administration Certification Commission (RACC) in 2011 and made great contributions to enhance the CRA credential.   Ron also participated in the Partners in Learning program, both as a host and a guest.  He frequently contributed to Link and was an author for the Asset Management in Radiology textbook.  Most recently, Ron was Senior Director of Radiology at Mercy Hospital in Miami, Florida.

Brian Matsusaka recalled, “I first met Ron at the 2005 Annual Meeting in San Antonio.  Our friendship grew throughout the years and I always looked forward to seeing him at our Annual Meetings.  I will miss our conversations and having a beer with him.  My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and children.  Rest in peace my friend!”

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  1. My prayers go out to his family. Several times we spoke over items on the list serve. My encounters with Ron were positive and professional. God bless.

  2. What a sad thought that such a man with so many positive attributes should be taken so young – I remember Ron from the annual meetings – he intro’ed me several times – was always positive and such a joy to be around – what one would call a truly good person. My heart goes out to his family and friends – thankfully fond memories will eventually fill in the hole left by such a loss.

  3. Ron epitomized a great medical imaging leader. Though I only knew him through AHRA, he was always “On” representing the AHRA and his organization. We will miss you forever Ron…

  4. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family! Losing such a great guy so young is truly tragic!

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