Goals for 2014

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Perez_RickBy Enrico M. Perez, CRA, FAHRA

February 2014—2014 is bringing many changes and challenges, and this is already affecting most of us in our careers and personal life. My life is a bit different already as I have become the new chair of the RACC and now represent the group as well as all CRAs as we continue to grow our ranks in the industry and bring further meaning to the credential we have earned by making it even more desirable to imaging professionals and recognized by more credentialing agencies.

We have succeeded over the past 11 years in growing our ranks to over 1,000, a key milestone we reached in 2013.  Now that we have met that goal,, we want to continue to grow and expand our reach to work with other organizations such as the ARRT to promote the credential We would like to see “CRA preferred” in every imaging management job description.

The RACC continues to encourage all CRA’s to become involved and take part in the surveys we send out, to push their organizations to include “CRA preferred” in job descriptions, and to attend local meetings hosted by AHRA, ASRT, RBMA, ARDMS, and ARRT and make sure that everyone knows what this credential stands for. It states, as you know, that you have the experience and education to sit for an exam created by your peers and industry experts and had the qualifications to pass this exam. I know I took great pride in achieving this credential and believe everyone who has taken this exam feels same.

One of our goals this year is to challenge all CRA’s to become more involved. Our industry is ever-changing, but one thing that doesn’t change is that as times get tougher, the need increases for qualified leaders who are staying on top of their industry, continue to learn, maintain their credentials, and are active in their organization.

Some of the ways you can get involved include item writing or representing the CRA at a local meeting by giving out CRA pamphlets and business cards for us. Your participation can help us meet our goals and better represent you by steadily growing our ranks and make us stronger.

If you’re interested in hearing more about these volunteer opportunities or getting involved, please contact us.

Enrico M. Perez, CRA, FAHRA is 2014 Chair of the RACC and the director of radiology at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, NY.  He can be contacted at enricoperez@me.com.

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