Vendor Spotlight: SpeechCheck

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Lee Tkachuk, CEO of SpeechCheck
Lee Tkachuk, CEO of SpeechCheck

By AHRA Staff

January 2014—In the summer of 2013, CEO and President of SpeechCheck, Lee Tkachuk and her team made a five year commitment to the AHRA Education Foundation as part of the Expanding Excellence Campaign. SpeechCheck’s commitment contributed to the overall success of that project.

Luann Culbreth, CRA, FAHRA, Chair of the Education Foundation said, “We appreciate that at SpeechCheck’s launch in the industry, Lee and her team decided right away to partner with AHRA’s Education Foundation to invest in the imaging profession. That is something particularly commendable for a newer company on the scene. SpeechCheck is targeting better patient care and making imaging documentation more efficient and productive, which makes our missions very similar.”

Lee Tkachuk, CEO of SpeechCheck said, “We are honored to partner with the Education Foundation.  We believe in what they do and are very aligned with their objectives and missions.  Both organizations are devoted to improved patient care, and we wanted to put our dollars where they would be put to the best use. “

Please join AHRA and the AHRA Education Foundation in thanking SpeechCheck for its commitment to the imaging management profession.  We look forward to the next four years of our partnership.

About SpeechCheck: 

speechCheck_logo_TM_color_hiResSpeechCheck partners with healthcare organizations to improve the quality of radiology reports and to achieve full utilization of their speech recognition software.  Improved documentation processes result in increased reimbursement, decreased financial exposure, increased patient safety, and better professional image.  Full utilization of speech recognition software leads to decreased documentation costs, increased production, and improved accuracy.  SpeechCheck is not software or a new technology; it is a service organization geared to radiology documentation improvement.

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