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Lori BurnsBy Lori Ann Burns

January 2014—The AHRA Education Foundation is pleased to announce a new and exciting scholarship!

At the AHRA board of directors meeting in November 2013, a new CRA Exam Scholarship was approved. As radiology administrators the need to excel in our position is critical, and becoming a CRA has now become an important affirmation of our knowledge of the profession. We value and use the CRA as our top credential because it shows a true measure of successful leadership, current industry knowledge, and the ability to apply both in our daily practice. We also encourage employers to hire prospective candidates who have attained this credential.

The Education Foundation felt that we needed to have a CRA Exam scholarship in addition to our other scholarships. This new scholarship will lend a hand to a member who might not otherwise be able to afford the registration fees associated with the test, to take the CRA exam.

There are criteria for the scholarship in addition to the criteria to sit for the CRA exam. We encourage every member to apply. This is another example of how your organization helps to foster professional growth and bolster the importance of the CRA and AHRA. It is about you the member.  Much like the other scholarships offered, this will serve to engage our members to be active participants in the organization to which they belong.

AHRA members generously donate to the EF yearly through our pin program and at the Spring and Fall Conferences and at the Annual Meeting. Some members may not be aware, but these donations play an enormous part in all scholarships. Giving out four CRA Exam Scholarships, two in May and two in November, is another way to show our members how valuable their donations are to the AHRA.

For more information or to apply for this scholarship, please click here.

Lori Ann Burns is vice-chair of the AHRA Education Foundation. She is the MRI manager at Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, NJ and can be reached at

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