A Commitment to Growth

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Brooke-SpencerBy Brooke Spencer

December 2013—I have been a technologist for 12 years and in management for three. Over the years I have learned on the job and found myself advancing. I am the manager for a small physician owned orthopedic hospital. I need to fill my toolbox with tools to get my job done the right way! There are several ways to hit a nail into the wall, but with the right tool it can be done once, with a positive outcome.

I joined AHRA in 2010. In 2011, I attended my first Annual Meeting. It was a great first step as both a new member and as a new manager. The conference was held in Texas, and I attended the basic management track as well as a few other sessions. From the very first day I was inspired by AHRA and its members.  This group of complete strangers quickly became a group of friends, resources, and mentors.

I had such a positive experience that I wanted to attend another meeting. Due to hospital cut backs, education funds were reduced and I had been unable to attend another conference. I stayed connected to AHRA via the website and Link. While I was looking at an email one day, I came across some information about the Osborn scholarship and thought I would apply. A few weeks later, I received a call congratulating me on being accepted as the recipient for the 2013 Fall Conference. I had the privilege to attend the CRA exam workshop and the Advanced Track in Baltimore this past October.  Thank you to everyone whose contributions to the AHRA Education Foundation made it possible for the Osborn scholarship to exist and for me to attend!

The CRA exam workshop had a lot of great material.  Sheila Sferrella had some great suggestions on ways to get more out of service contracts and vendors in the fiscal management session. Everything I learned in the workshop will help to pave the way as I prepare to take the CRA exam in the near future. The keynote speaker that made the biggest impact on me was Simon Lia, with “Change Anything: The New Science of Personal and Professional Success.”  This was a very lively, interactive group session.  Simon suggested that to change you first have to stop beating yourself up. You need to try a different plan and change the way you think about it. Escape the willpower trap to change the things that drive a particular behavior. I was able to get some good insight and suggestions that will help me both personally and professionally!

I found the Fall Conference to be motivating and rejuvenating. Healthcare is going through many changes, and our jobs are tough! I am very thankful to have found AHRA and its members.  Our friends and spouses are great sounding boards, but having AHRA provides us with more constructive feedback because our peers can relate to just about any situation. I am so grateful for AHRA’s commitment to assisting its members in achieving personal and professional growth!

Brooke Spencer is the diagnostics services manager at Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital in Omaha, NE. She can be reached at Brooke.Spencer@nohmail.com.  

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