RACC Commissioner Election: Meet the Candidates!

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November 2013—The 2013 RACC Commissioner election will open on Monday, November 4. The results of this election will determine who will help lead the CRA program.

The 2013 vote will elect two commissioners to serve three year terms on the RACC from January 2014 until December 2016.  All CRAs in good standing are eligible to vote and have until December 2, 2013 to cast their ballot.

The RACC ballot is available online here.

What Do RACC Commissioners Do?

The RACC is made up of 6 CRAs and 1 non-CRA public member. Together, the commission works to shape the CRA program, promote the credential to imaging professionals and to the greater healthcare community, and protect the integrity and value of the credential.  For a more detailed look at what the RACC does, check out RACC Secretary/Treasurer Jacqui Rose’s April Link article, The RACC – What Do They Do?

According to RACC policy, Commissioners shall:

  • Determine policies relative to the CRA program, including certification eligibility requirements, recertification criteria and continuing education requirements, and fees associated with the CRA program.
  • Manage CRA appeal and disciplinary processes to maintain the integrity of the CRA program in protecting the public.
  • Bestow public recognition to those radiology administrators who satisfy all certification eligibility criteria and successfully complete the CRA examination, and who fulfill continuing education and recertification requirements established by the Commission

And Commissioners are responsible to:

  • Prepare for and attend all meetings of the RACC.
  • Respect and maintain confidentiality of information and protocols for representation of the RACC and CRA program in the community and with the media.
  • Establish the passing point for the CRA examination and assist in key verification as needed.
  • Participate in item writers and/or test assembly meetings as needed.
  • Vote on CRA policy and program issues.
  • Serve as a resource of knowledge, support and counsel to staff, committees and other commissioners.

In short, the commissioners you vote on to the RACC work hard to make sure your CRA credential continues to be a mark of excellence in imaging administration!

The 2013 RACC Commissioner Ballot

This year, there are four CRAs running for RACC Commissioner. They were selected from among the nominees by the RACC Nominations Committee.

You can read their candidate statements below and review their full candidate profiles on the online ballot beginning November 4.

Apodaca, RudyRudy Apodaca, CRA
Vice President of Operations
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, a member of Dignity Healthcare
Gilbert, AZ


I have a deep passion for AHRA and the CRA credential as the professional standard in our industry and believe that involvement will sustain this very important radiology credential.



Drescher BetteBette Drescher, CRA
Radiology Manager, East King Snohomish/Eastern Washington
Group Health Cooperative
Bellevue, WA


Having been a registered technologist for over 35 years, a radiology manager for the last 20 years, and a member of AHRA since 2005, I have enjoyed the professional support and growth opportunities I have received from my AHRA membership.  As a way to demonstrate my competency as a radiology leader, I decided to seek my CRA credential in 2010.  What began as a “task” quickly became a professional challenge!  I enjoyed studying for the exam and identifying both strengths and opportunities in my professional knowledge base.  I have since become a local proponent in the Northwest Region for CRA certification, encouraging others in the community to obtain their CRA and reaching out to offer congratulations to those who succeed.   I have challenged my peers at Group Health and am happy to report that two of them have achieved CRA status and three others are planning to take the exam later this year or early next year! Additionally, the CRA credential has become a highly desired and respected credential at Group Health.  As a manager, one of my passions lies in supporting and guiding new talent. I have encouraged new leaders to use the CRA textbooks as a tool to further their knowledge and to facilitate preparation for taking the CRA exam.

In the fall of 2012, I was asked to participate as a member of the RACC Commission Nominating Committee.  That allowed me the opportunity to interact with RACC leadership and see firsthand the work of an amazing group of professionals who make up the RACC.  It also piqued my interest in becoming more involved with the RACC, and I believe this may be a perfect opportunity for me to contribute to an organization that has provided me with such encouragement and guidance over the years.

I am honored to be a finalist for RACC Commissioner and wish to thank those who have supported me thus far. I would be thrilled to represent the west coast on the Commission!



Bruce Headshot2010 NH smallerBruce W. Hammond, CRA, CFAAMA, CNMT
Diagnostic Health Services
Fort Worth, TX

Candidate for Re-election


As my first term on the RACC comes to an end, I am extremely motivated to continue my work on the Commission. We have accomplished a number of tasks, and I look forward to continuing to improve our positioning and the number of CRA’s. My involvement in other organizations has given me the opportunity to spread the word about the credential. I successfully achieved recognition of the CRA Exam and credential by a national organization as equivalent to their process and credential.  Acceptance opens the door to more participants and increasing visibility and acceptability.  Being an RACC Commissioner is one of the most professionally fulfilling activities in my career.  I would ask for your vote to return to continue the work in progress to enhance the credential’s acceptance, improve the testing, and increase the marketing to expand acceptability and further the credential as the only accepted proof of competency in radiology administration.



Lentz BrianBrian Lentz, CRA, MBA, FACHE
Director – Medical Imaging, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Care
Centura Health – Littleton Adventist Hospital
Littleton, CO


After attending one of the best AHRA Annual Meetings I’ve ever attended this year in Minneapolis, I am excited to get involved by finding opportunities to serve our profession. What better way than by returning to my roots, having obtained the CRA designation in 2003?  I wish to give back by sharing the expertise I have learned in my first 10 years as a CRA.

The CRA credential is an invaluable designation that offers many advantages and opens doors in radiology management.  The responsibilities of a medical imaging administrator are very immense.  The ability to provide strategic leadership in the planning, development, and organization of imaging services in a very resource competitive environment is demanding.  All the while, you must never take your focus off of the reason why we got into this profession: to make a difference in the lives of our patients.

I want to be part of the process of helping our professional organization and those who give everything to build upon our profession of medical imaging and provide the best care possible to our patients and their families.

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