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Ed YoderBy Ed Yoder, MBA, MHA, RT(R), CRA, FAHRA

October 2013—Hard to believe it’s October already, this year is moving fast! I love this time of year because it starts bringing changes. The leaves begin to turn, the mornings and evenings get cooler, fireplaces begin to start up, apple season is here, and of course there is fresh squeezed apple cider and pumpkin pie… I just gained 20 pounds thinking about it. But it brings me to a working title for this Link article: “Change.” It’s something that many of us find hard to deal with sometimes, in life and at work, yet there are times when we welcome it, like the change of seasons (or at least some people welcome it). As you move farther down South you learn to not miss the change of seasons and actually like the loss of seasonal change.

Well “change” brings me to thoughts of healthcare changing now, even as I write this! Healthcare Exchanges opened on October 1, 2013. What mess will that bring? There are a lot of comments and opinions on that. Reimbursement is set to change again as CMS decides how we will be reimbursed for MR and CT. I think about all this as I am on the plane flying to Baltimore to make a presidential appearance at the AHRA Fall Conference. I am looking forward to this meeting because it will help me further change at my organization. AHRA will be keeping its pulse on those developments and will use its regulatory news website to keep you informed.

We recently had a big change in our family — we pulled up stakes from sunny Florida and moved to the South Carolina sauna they call Columbia. Lots of changed followed including a new school, a very different way of learning, and house hunting, but at least work would be constant right? After all, the organization I just joined had enjoyed many lucrative years and was building and growing and investing in new technology at a consistent rate. Change struck again, and we ramped back on how we did business in preparation for the stormy seas healthcare was bringing and the uncertain path that we would need to chart. That meant looking at operations and analyzing how we did business. Volume is up, but we need to work on less revenue as reimbursement dwindles and insurers become more demanding!

Soon winter will be upon us and many of our thoughts will turn to the holidays, RSNA, New Year’s resolutions, and so on. Changes on the healthcare landscape will continue. AHRA will be ready to help you manage that change. We are forming a Regulatory Affairs Committee and will be looking at when AHRA, as an organization, should be involved in regulatory affairs as they affect our membership. Because it is just in the development stages, I will report more on that committee as it progresses.

The Fall Conference is in full swing as you read this! It has been a great turnout, with around 200 people all looking for further guidance for managing change. On the first day, there were over 30 participants in each of the tracks that started up: the Marketing Track, CRA Exam Workshop, and the Basic Track, and there are many more registered for the Advanced Track, which starts today!

So as change is here be ready, know that AHRA will be there to help, and in the words and music of REO Speedwagon “Roll with the Changes!”

I love a good guitar lead, and there are several masters; the lead in Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty is a signature lead, it tells you the song before the words and singing start and it competes with an equally memorable sax melody line. But there is one that “takes me out to the ball game” as they say, and it is the lead in “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac off of the Rumors album. Lindsey Buckingham is one of the most underrated guitar players in rock music today. Just listen to some of his solo work – though sometimes quirky, the string magic from his guitar use is phenomenal. His work with Fleetwood Mac is a testament to that as well. Take a listen, crank it up to 10 and… rock on!

Ed Yoder, MBA, MHA, RT(R), CRA, FAHRA is president of the 2013-2014 AHRA Board of Directors. He is the director of imaging services at Lexington Medical Center in West Columbia, SC and can be reached at  

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