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Luann CulbrethBy Luann J. Culbreth, M Ed, MBA, RT(R)(MR)(QM), CRA, FSMRT, FAHRA

September 2013—Since its inception in 1990 as a separate but related AHRA entity, the Education Foundation (EF) has remained focused on its mission of obtaining and providing resources to enhance the effectiveness of imaging and healthcare disciplines. The EF has created multiple programs, projects, products, and services specifically designed to promote ongoing education for imaging leaders.  This past year has been no exception.  In fact, it’s been excellent!

The Expanding Excellence Campaign was launched last year with an aggressive fundraising goal of $3,000,000.  By uniting our corporate partners, members, and other stakeholders in the quest to solidify AHRA as the leading resource and catalyst for the development of professional leadership in medical imaging management, the goal surpassed $3.1M by the Annual Meeting this July.  This was made possible by over 38 corporate partners and 350 AHRA members.  Wow – that’s excellent!

But just because the goal was met doesn’t mean we are done.  In fact, several corporate partners either chose not to join  the Expanding Excellence Campaign or made short term commitments to this effort. And only 7% of AHRA members contributed.  How can we expect vendors to support us if we don’t support ourselves?  There are over 5,000 AHRA members.  If each member gives $40 (since we’re celebrating AHRA’s 40th anniversary) that would contribute over $200,000 to the Education Foundation and show our corporate partners that our members are serious about medical imaging management.  So let’s get serious!

Here’s another example.  Last year, we had almost 250 members contribute to the “Get Pinned” program.  This year, there have only been 187 members “get pinned” so far. If 65 more members match their contributions from last year, we would surpass last year’s record.  So let’s get pinned!  Click this link to give $40 to celebrate AHRA’s 40th anniversary.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of calling the 2013 Fall Conference Osborn Scholarship recipient, Brooke Spencer.  Brooke is a radiology manager at Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital in Omaha, NE.  She will receive paid registration to the Fall Conference in Baltimore next month, as well as up to $1,200 to cover her trip, lodging, and meal expenses.  To quote Brooke, she is “super excited” to get to attend the Fall Conference.  Osborn Scholarships offer the recipient up to $1,500 for the Annual Meeting and up to $1,200 for the Spring or Fall Conference to support hotel, meal, air, and other travel-related expenses incurred while attending the meeting. The AHRA Education Foundation will pay conference registration fees in addition to the scholarship funds awarded.

The Osborn Scholarship and the other scholarships opportunities available are just a sampling of the programs the Education Foundation offers.  Check out the EF website to see our corporate partners as well as the many programs and projects made possible through the Education Foundation.

Thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve the AHRA.  On behalf of the AHRA EF Board of Directors, please know that as the healthcare market continues to change, the Education Foundation will continue to support AHRA and its mission by every means possible.

Let’s continue to Expand Excellence!

Luann J. Culbreth, M Ed, MBA, RT(R)(MR)(QM), CRA, FSMRT, FAHRA is the AHRA Education Foundation Chair and a past-president of AHRA.  She is the executive director, medical imaging at Saint Thomas Health-Baptist Hospital in Nashville, TN and can be reached at Luann.Culbreth@sth.org

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