2013 Award and Scholarship Winners

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By AHRA Staff

August 2013—Congratulations to the following award and scholarship recipients, who were announced at the 2013 Annual Meeting!



2013 Award and Scholarship Winners

President’s Award:

Hazel Hacker, FAHRA


Gold Award:

Gary D. Boyd, FAHRA

Jeffrey A. Palmucci, CRA, FAHRA

Luann J. Culbreth, CRA, FAHRA


Award for Excellence:

Renee S. Lauck, CRA

John J Smith, CRA

M. Kevin Spears, CRA

Michele Troutman, CRA

Cindy M. Winter, CRA


Fellow Status:

Jason C. Theadore, CRA, FAHRA

Angelic P. McDonald, CRA, FAHRA

Wanda Coker, CRA, FAHRA

Jacqui F. Rose, CRA, FAHRA

William R. Johnson, CRA, FAHRA

Melody W. Mulaik, CRA, FAHRA


Editorial Awards:  

Outstanding Column

“Exposing Safety: Putting Patients First in Imaging Departments”

Rachel Giliotti, MBA, RT(R)(T)

Outstanding Article

“Building a Culture of Excellence from the Ground Up”

Alicia R. Campbell


Annual Meeting Osborn Scholarship (Education Foundation):

Scott M. Mattes, CRA

Kimberly L. Masters, CRA

Denise Cole


Annual Meeting Scholarship (AHRA):

Sandra M. Edson

Rich Egan, CRA

Carol A. Flynn, CRA

Mary Phillips

Richard S. Stonicher, FAHRA

Beth L. Weber, CRA


Broadley Scholarships (Education Foundation):

Mark Ahrens

Dawn M. Vincic


Kudos to the 2013 Member Recognition Team for their hard work & dedication!


2013 Member Recognition Team:

Adrienne Turner, Chair

Marilyn Bjoralt, CRA

Keri Deacon

Robin Johnson

Wayne T. Stockburger, FAHRA

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