AHRA Proudly Names 3 Gold Award Recipients!

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By AHRA Staff

July 2013—The AHRA Gold Award is the highest honor the organization can bestow upon one of its members.  The award is given to one or more members who have made significant contributions to the profession of radiology or other areas of healthcare administration. The 2013 Gold Award selection process was slightly different from previous years.  The criteria remained the same, but the selection committee was composed entirely of previous Gold Award recipients.

Each of the 2013 recipients was selected for their outstanding level of commitment to the association and the profession. The countless hours these individuals have spent volunteering, serving on the board, writing, and speaking have made the association stronger for generations to come.

Gary Boyd, Luann Culbreth, and Jeff Palmucci truly deserve the honor of the Gold Award. Gordon Ah Tye, Sheila Sferrella, and Jay Mazurowski detail the recipients’ contributions to AHRA that made them deserving of this award below.

Boyd_Gary_4219Gary Boyd, FAHRA

Gary Boyd has been a dedicated member of AHRA since September of 1993.  In those years, he has served as our former western region president and secretary, and has been on or chaired a multitude of committees, most notably the Editorial Review Board.  He has been a member of the Editorial Review Board for sixteen years, serving as chair three times.  Gary is a gifted and knowledgeable writer, and he has used his talents and wisdom to publish over 50 articles over the years.  His regular column in Radiology Management, “Management Findings” contains gems of wisdom that help to educate our membership. He delivers his message with a personal yet worldly view of healthcare as he sees it.

What is remarkable about Gary is that for the past five years he has been CEO of a hospital in Mammoth, California, and several years prior to that he was an administrative VP.  Yet he continues to be an active volunteer for the AHRA. The reason is simple.  Gary is down to earth, hard working, and is a quality person who clearly appreciates his roots.  It is why he is an effective CEO, leader, administrator, husband, and father. As a lifetime achievement award, in our profession there is no one more deserving of the prestigious AHRA Gold Award than our very own Gary Boyd.  Congratulations.

– Gordon Ah Tye, BA, FAHRA
Director Imaging & Radiation Oncology Services
Kaweah Delta Health Care District
AHRA Past President

Luann CulbrethLuann J. Culbreth, CRA, FAHRA

I have known Luann for twelve years, and I met her at an AHRA meeting.  Luann first became involved with AHRA by working on the Item Writers Workshop, where groups of AHRA members across the country developed questions for the first CRA exam.  The Gold Award is reserved for members who have made significant contributions to AHRA and to our profession, and Luann certainly deserves this award.

I had the honor of working with Luann in Nashville, and I saw the same skills she used in her job reflected in her work with the AHRA.  Luann is a great listener and a great facilitator.  She has worked on a number of committees and teams for the AHRA as well as serving on the Radiology Administrator Certification Commission for three years and the Annual Meeting Design Team for three years.

Luann began her term as president of the AHRA right as her sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  She spent her year as president serving our organization as well as spending a weekend a month at the Mayo Clinic with her sister.  Luann did all of this without complaint.  Luann’s year as president culminated with awarding her sister  the President’s Award.

It is humbling to be able to write this for Luann and recognize her achievements for the AHRA as deserving of the Gold Award.

– Sheila M. Sferrella, CRA,FAHRA
AHRA Past President

Jeffery PalmucciJeffrey A. Palmucci, CRA, FAHRA

Jeff Palmucci became a member and friend of AHRA in September of 1989. He has served in a leadership capacity for well over a decade as a writer, speaker, member of the board of directors, and as association president. Jeff was one of the first of our members to become a CRA in 2002, and he achieved Fellow status in 2011. Within the AHRA and beyond, Jeff has become widely recognized as a leader, mentor, and steward. He continues to give back to the association to this day as a Leadership Institute faculty member and active committee member. His countless contributions to the association and to the field of radiology are testament to his dedication and commitment to professional excellence.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to have served with Jeff over the years and have personally benefitted from his wise council, knowledge, guidance, and expertise. He is truly deserving of AHRA’s highest honor – the Gold Award. On behalf of the AHRA I’d like to express my deepest appreciation for Jeff’s outstanding leadership and commitment to the association and to the field of radiology. Congratulations Jeff!!

– Jay P. Mazurowski, CRA, FAHRA
Director of Radiology
Concord Hospital
AHRA Past President

A special thank you to the 2013 Gold Award Selection Committee: Christopher Pickwick, Gordon Ah Tye, Jay Mazurowski, and Shelia Sferrella!

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  1. Well deserved – thanks for your many efforts on behalf of the AHRA – you are outstanding examples for all to emulate.

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