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By Carlos Vasquez, RT(R), CRA, FAHRA, FACHE

June 2013—A day in the life of a medical imaging leader can be very revealing of who we are as professionals and where our profession is leading us. I started off one day this week by meeting with the radiology medical director, and then I hosted a daily facilities conference call where key service lines report on the status of operations. After that, I signed a software service agreement, approved two intra-modality transfers, advanced a capital project to my COO, and reviewed the status of the department FMLA’s with an HR representative and productivity benchmarks with my direct reports. It was then lunch time, and I quickly recognized that I hadn’t checked my email in the last four hours, so I opted to work through lunch and catch up with emails. In the afternoon I attended a retirement celebration for one of our employees and ended the day with a meeting with our radiologist group to review business strategy and providers’ experiences.  At the end of this typical “day in the life,” I looked back and, while I considered this a good day, I felt like there was something missing that would have made it a great day.

Placing my career on a path to success means keeping a pulse on what is happening in our industry, being able to spot the opportunities before anyone else, and taking risks to change the game and have the best chance at winning. But where do you start and how do you initiate your own path to success?

First, find a learning opportunity away from your office and attend an event that will give you a chance to network with colleagues to expand your knowledge and strengthen wisdom.  AHRA has the unique opportunity to help you on your path to success. Give yourself the edge by attending our Annual Meeting and Exposition in Minneapolis July 28-31. The schedule is loaded with education on career planning. One of my personal favorites is the panel presentation from four radiology administrators who have successfully made the transition to the executive suite. Come hear their stories, their passion, and about their keys to success.

June is a rewarding month at AHRA. We will learn the election results for the incoming 2013-2014 Board of Directors and will present them to you on July 31 in Minneapolis. We just awarded the Osborn Scholarship to three recipients, who will each receive full registration fees and $1500 to cover their travel expenses for the Annual Meeting. We’ll soon be choosing recipients for the Broadley Scholarship, which is awarded to AHRA members looking to expand their formal educations, and the AHRA Annual Meeting scholarship, which is awarded to six past Annual Meeting attendees who have been unable to secure funding to this year’s meeting.  All of these scholarships are made possible due to the generosity of our members and the commitment of AHRA’s corporate partners.

I hope you take the time to reflect on a typical day at work and take action on at least one thing to energize your career.

The deadline for the AHRA hotel room block rate for the Annual Meeting is fast approaching. Please take the time to secure the AHRA rates, which will be available until July 4 at the Hilton Minneapolis and July 5 at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, or when the blocks of space are exhausted, whichever comes first.

See you next month in Minneapolis!

Carlos Vasquez, RT(R), CRA, FAHRA, FACHE is president of the 2012-2013 AHRA Board of Directors. He is the division director of radiology services at Franciscan-St. Elizabeth Health in Lafayette, IN and can be reached at

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