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ahraAM13_logo4CBy AHRA Staff

May 2013—In honor of AHRA’s 40th anniversary, we’re doing something different for this year’s Annual Meeting Blog. We are looking for members to share their favorite memories from past Annual Meetings. If there was a particular session that has stuck in your mind to this day, a great networking connection or friendship you made at a meeting, or anything else at all, we want to hear about it!

If you are interested in contributing to the Annual Meeting please contact Kerri Hart-Morris at

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  1. I enjoy the networking that occurs at our annual meetings. For me, it’s an opportunity to
    catch up with old colleagues and I try to meet new friends each year. Roland Rhynus, Deb Lopez, Mark Stefan, Art Tasaka, Terry Bucknall, Robert White, and Tim Clark….plus, many more. I look forward to seeing you this summer!

    Sandy E.

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