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May 2013—Elections for the 2013-2014 Board of Directors and President-Elect will take place online at beginning May 8, 2013 and ending at midnight May 31, 2013.  Voting is open to all members in good standing.  Emeritus members may not vote.

We will be featuring all of the candidates’ “I am AHRA” profiles. Make sure to check them out to see what words of advice each candidate can offer about AHRA and the industry at this point in our association’s history.

AHRA President-Elect Candidates (in alphabetical order):

Title:  President
Organization:  St. Vincent – North
Address: Little Rock, AR

I am interested in serving as President of AHRA’s Board of Directors because the members are the heart and soul of our organization. I would be honored to serve as the AHRA’s president, working with the board of directors and our many spirited volunteers!

I have been involved with the AHRA for over 17 years, evolving from volunteering to introduce speakers to actually presenting, to becoming an author, briefly serving as a design team member and committee member, and most recently two terms on the board of directors.  My accomplishments include being awarded the distinguished AHRA Award for Excellence, becoming a Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA), and most recently achieving Fellow designation (FAHRA).  Simply put, there isn’t much I haven’t done or been part of or involved with in the AHRA.  I’ve enjoyed it all, but particularly the relationship building and networking with my peers from across the nation and abroad.  I am humbly honored for the AHRA presidency nomination, as these nominations come from you, the members.  My years of involvement in the AHRA have offered me opportunities to lead, influence, and progress the direction and vision of the AHRA, for what it is today – the association for medical imaging management.

Realistically, there are many issues facing our healthcare industry, with healthcare reform imminent and ultimately affecting each of us. During this time of uncertainty, consistent leadership is required to navigate and represent OUR needs and OUR association!  In order to continue the work established by the past and current AHRA leadership, I believe we require an incoming president who will be actively involved in promoting the AHRA and leading our association during this time of uncertainty.  I believe the key to the success of the AHRA is listening to our members while collaborating with other strong imaging intensive associations, and to meet your needs and develop tools to better prepare you to become informed leaders for your organization.  This successful transition and forward progress will come with consistency, dedication, and a vision for the future. It is the board of directors and president’s responsibility to represent the members and ensure the radiology profession maintains a highly respected role in the medical field. Radiology has dramatically changed over the years to include a wide variety of medical imaging modalities and subspecialties, bringing new challenges and perspectives to patient care and our overall healthcare delivery model.

Contributions I could make include being a resource, catalyst, and mentor for the development of professional leadership, while developing strategies to aid in the success of our members.  I believe it is important to be innovative with our structure, decisive with our actions, and actively involved in forging the future of our profession so we guide our organization through and sustain success in our ever changing healthcare environment.  If obliged to be your next president, I will ensure the visions of the leaders before me will provide continued growth and professional satisfaction. Thank you and I would appreciate your vote. It would be an honor to serve you as your next leader of the AHRA.

Cathy Story PE APPROVEDName:  Cathleen Story, CRA, FAHRA
Title:  Administrator, Diagnostic Services
Organization:  Lehigh Valley Health Network
Address: Allentown, PA

 I am very honored to be considered for the position of President-Elect of AHRA’s Board of Directors.  I was elected to the board of directors in 2010, and during my tenure I have been witness to the tremendous amount of work and dedication that it takes to make our organization a leader in the field of medical imaging management.  The strategic plan adopted by the board outlines the core values of integrity, leadership, and collegiality.  Having been involved in the original development of this initiative I feel that I possess the understanding required to further advance these concepts.  Since joining AHRA in 1992 it has become my main source of management information on a variety of topics.  The networking and information sharing provided by the members is unmatched by any other organization I am familiar with.

I have more than 25 years of management experience and am a current member of the AHRA Board of Directors.  I have been involved with various AHRA committees such as the “Get Serious” membership campaign, chair of the Membership Task Force, the Gold Award Task Force, and the Executive Committee.  I have presented at Annual Meetings and authored articles for Radiology Management.  In 2004 I received the Outstanding Article Award.  I have been a CRA since 2007 and attained Fellow status in 2012.

My association with the AHRA has helped me be successful in my career.  I would welcome the opportunity to give back to the organization that has played a central role in my professional development by serving as president of the AHRA.


AHRA Director-at-Large Candidates (in alphabetical order):

WCoker Dir APPROVEDWanda Coker, CRA
Title: Radiology Director
Organization: Shriners Hospitals for Children
Address:  Greenville, SC

 I have been a member of the AHRA since 2004. It has been my privilege to volunteer and serve in many capacities since then. I served on the Spring Conference design team for 3 years (2008-2010), including chair in 2010. I am currently serving a 3 year term on the Annual Meeting design team (2011-2013). I also serve on the Radiology Management Editorial Review Board. In addition, I served on the Get Pinned campaigns for the Education Foundation and as a state leader in last year’s “Get Serious” membership campaign. I have experience working with the members of this organization as well as the AHRA staff. It has been my honor and privilege to work with you, the members. I am passionate, committed, and dedicated to this professional organization. I believe that it is the premier association for medical imaging management. As a member of the board, I would support and promote the mission, goals, and strategic plan. It would be my honor to be an advocate for you, the members. My past volunteer experiences within AHRA have prepared me for this role and I am ready, excited, and welcome the opportunity to continue to keep AHRA thriving in imaging management.

Ed Morgan Dir APPROVEDEdward Morgan, CRA
Title: Executive Director Imaging Services
Organization: Dekalb Regional Health System
Address:  Decatur, GA

It is an honor to be nominated for the position of director on the AHRA board. I have been a member of this organization since 1983 and have served the organization in many capacities over the years. I have had the opportunity to take advantage of many professional development opportunities that the AHRA has offered and believe that the AHRA continues to prepare members to adapt to the changing healthcare environment.  Should I be elected to this position, I will bring to the AHRA board many years of experience as a radiology director, my ideas and vision for providing resources to members, ideas on how to increase awareness of the organization with vendors and corporate sponsors, and a diverse skill set that would benefit this great organization. It would be an honor to represent and serve the AHRA membership if elected to the board of directors by my fellow members.

DPartridge DIR APPROVEDDavid Partridge, CRA
Title: Administrative Director of Imaging
Organization: OhioHealth
Address:  Columbus, OH

I am interested in becoming a board member to help plan and organize opportunities to meet association members’ needs for professional growth.  I plan to apply my experience to promote educational activities for the enrichment of imaging leaders as they approach the challenges of a changing healthcare environment.  AHRA has been an excellent networking resource for me.  I would like to ensure progress for future leaders.

I believe that, as leaders, we must continually work to improve ourselves in order to foster collaboration and guide our respective teams into an uncertain healthcare future.  As AHRA continues to build relationships with vendors and legislative leaders, the board of directors will be able to better assist their members in planning, mentoring, and budgeting.

I will be a valuable asset in the advancement of our association by drawing input from a variety of healthcare leaders and ensuring that AHRA continues to make progress towards its goals.  I am driven to find creative solutions that will keep our current members engaged in AHRA events and promote new membership.

MPaulk Dir APPROVEDMarci D. Paulk, CRA
Title: Director of Diagnostic Imaging
Organization: Fort Walton Beach Medical Center
Address:  Fort Walton Beach, FL

As a member of the Board of Directors, I would dedicate myself to continuing to inform and educate our audiences and to positively influence their perception of the AHRA.  I would continue our initiative in increasing the AHRA membership/sponsorship participation by creating an environment where supporting us is the “right thing to do.”  I would participate in activities and events sponsored by the organization and encourage participation by others.  I would also take personal responsibility through special assignments as required as they relate to the advancement of the AHRA’s mission and services, policies and programs and be faithful to the mission and goals of the organization.  When acting on behalf of the organization, I would promise to always give priority to its interests, mission, and values.

ATasaka DIR APPROVEDArt Tasaka
Title: Manager, Swedish First Hill Diagnostic Imaging, Swedish Ballard Medical Imaging and Swedish Ballard Breast Center
Organization: Swedish Health System
Address:  Seattle, WA

I am honored and excited to be nominated to serve on the AHRA Board of Directors.  AHRA has provided me with a wealth of tools and knowledge that improve my everyday work life.  If selected, I would appreciate the chance to give something back.

By attending national meetings once a year we have welcome avenues to expand our skills with colleagues across states.  Local meetings and local networking can also provide supplementary opportunities to learn knowledge and patient care from expertise in our own states.

If selected I would like to investigate this and other concepts and see how we can continue to strengthen our member to member benefits locally and up through our national connectivity with each other.  If selected, I would appreciate the chance to work with other keen leaders and “return the favor” with other members.

CTomlinson DirChris Tomlinson, CRA
Title: Radiology & Executive Director, Radiology Associates Organization: The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Address:  Philadelphia, PA

I have been very active in AHRA over the past few years and see the power of the membership through the collective expertise of the members.  The skill set I bring to the membership through teaching the basic track and presenting on many IT topics has been well received by the members and helped to fill a void in many radiology managers’ toolbox related to informatics.  I have also been very active in fundraising for AHRA and have credibility with many of the corporate partners, which has greatly benefited the foundation and the Expanding Excellence Committee.  My leadership within the Steering Committee of the CHA (Children’s Hospital Association) Radiology Director’s forum of over 40 pediatric hospitals positions me for this leadership role as well.   I believe I can make a very positive contribution to the position with my unique skill set and would be honored to do so if chosen.

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