AHRA New York Group: Winter Meeting

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By Daniel DiPaola MS, RT(R), CRA

April 2013—With increasing demands for radiology department statistics becoming a way of life, diagnostic imaging leaders gathered on Friday, March 15 to discuss best practices for organizing department data. The meeting, which included over 50 representatives from New York area hospitals as well as free standing diagnostic imaging centers, focused on the theme:  “The Changing Landscape in Medical Imaging: Metrics and Analytics.”

There were two presentations on the agenda for the winter meeting. The first was delivered by Gene Bernieri, Diagnostic Imaging Administrator at OrangeRegionalMedicalCenter, on the topic: “Effective Dashboards: A Necessity for Success in Today’s Complex Diagnostic Imaging Department.” Mr. Bernieri’s presentation demonstrated how the radiology manager can create an effective organizational dashboard that is fully alignedwith the organization’s strategic mission, as well as its vision and values. Copies of the PowerPoint® presentation can be obtained directly from Gene Bernieri at gbernieri@ormc.org.

The second presentation was by Brian Baker of Regents Health Resources on the topic: “Datalynx: The Impact of Reform on Imaging – Four Things You Need to Know.” Mr. Baker’s discussion explored the use of AHRAdatalynx, a sophisticated benchmarking tool created specifically for medical imaging professionals. The software includes metrics on productivity, utilization, financials, turnaround times, and much more. AHRAdatalynx is populated with data supplied by AHRA members.

Mr. Baker also spoke about his company’s premium product, Radiology Advisor. This software package can transform existing radiology department data into meaningful information for managing operations. Radiology Advisor can track referrals by physician, modality, and location; review historical, current, and live data through dashboard displays; and provides benchmarking and many other functions. The package connects automatically to enterprise systems, thus no manual entries are required.  For further information, contact Regents Health Resources at http://www.regentshealth.com.

Between the two presentations, refreshments were served and the traditional networking opportunities were in full swing.

The organizers of the meeting wish to thank all those who attended this informative gathering. Special thanks to the sponsors of the meeting, AHRA and Regents Health Resources. The AHRA-NYG also thanks the organizers of this event: Ernesto Cerdena, Gene Bernieri, Viviana Ruscitto, Becky King, Rhonda Makoske and Daniel DiPaola.

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