Some Insight on the Gold Award

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Sheila-SferrellaBy Sheila Sferrella, CRA, FAHRA 

March 2013—What is the AHRA Gold Award?  It is the AHRA’s highest honor for a member of the organization.  It should represent someone who has made significant contributions to the profession of radiology and to the AHRA.  There have been years when the AHRA did not identify someone deserving of the award, and so no award was given.

It is important for AHRA members to be involved in nominations for the Gold Award.  A nominee must be someone who has held elected offices or appointments for the AHRA, as well as published articles in Radiology Management or Link, or presented at AHRA meetings.  I was nominated many years ago for the Gold Award before I became actively involved in the organization, but the person who nominated me did not understand the criteria for the award.  That is why we are asking you for help identifying people who both earn and deserve this award. The face of the Gold Award has changed throughout the years, but the meaning of the award remains the same. The factor all recipients have in common is they have remained loyal and focused on the AHRA mission.

Without the significant contribution of these members, your association would not be what it is today. Significant contributions to the AHRA and the professions of radiology and healthcare administration may include activities which benefit any or all levels of the AHRA, move the association forward, elevate the professions of radiology and healthcare administration, and are useful to the membership of the organization and profession.

So we are looking for nominations of members who have consistently contributed to the AHRA for more than just one year.  These contributions should be significant, such as serving as committee chairs or board members, fundraising, authoring articles, presenting at the Annual Meeting  or Spring or Fall Conferences, or being a mentor to other members or new managers in our profession.

I received the Gold Award in 2003 and was so humbled to be presented with this award.  I never thought I would be nominated or receive this award.  I was just working and volunteering for an organization that I loved.  Hopefully this will inspire you to think about someone you have worked with who you think deserves this award and then take the time to go online and nominate him or her.

To nominate an individual for the Gold Award, please complete the online nomination form. Nominations should include specific information as to why you believe the nominee should be considered for the AHRA Gold Award.

If you have any questions about the nomination process or the Gold Award, please contact Sarah Murray at

Sheila M. Sferrella, MAS, RT(R), CRA, FAHRA is the chair of the AHRA Regulatory Affairs Committee. She is the president of Regents Health Resources in Brentwood, TN and can be reached at

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