Resolve to Use More Data

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datalynx2By AHRA Staff

January 2013—Now that 2012 is over, leaders everywhere are taking stock of their accomplishments over the past year and setting resolutions to do even better in 2013. For the imaging managers who want to make the most well-informed business decisions they can, we suggest making a resolution to check out AHRAdatalynx.

Any decision made should be backed up by strong data, and with AHRAdatalynx, the data is provided by your peers and is as current as the last AHRA member who provided their facility’s data. Compare your employees’ salaries across region, specialty, and more as you work to determine their 2013 pay raises. While streamlining your facility’s operations, see the turnaround times for various modalities at other facilities in your area. These are only two examples of the wealth of data provided in AHRA’s new benchmarking tool.

AHRAdatalynx is easy to use, but in case you have any questions, we’ve provided a comprehensive FAQ section and a recorded demo of the benchmarking tool in action.

Log on today to fulfill your resolution to use more data. Fill out the surveys with your own data first to receive a discounted price and contribute to the growth of the dataset.

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