Records Broken in New Orleans

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By Jason Scott, MBA, CRA, RT(R)(MR)

November 2012—The 2012 AHRA Fall Conference, held in the wonderful city of New Orleans, LA, was a huge success! Our grand attendance total for the three day conference was 201, making this the highest attended fall conference since 2007! The conference was filled with great sessions and dynamic speakers.

The conference started off with the CRA workshop. A total of 32 future CRAs attended. This course reviews each domain on the CRA examination including fiscal management, asset management, operations management, human resource management, and communication and information management. The purpose of this course was to prepare attendees to take the CRA exam and to identify their respective areas of strengths and weaknesses. Attendees were also given a sample practice test to use as a study guide.

A new feature to this year’s conference was the marketing track. As medical imaging leaders, we are challenged every day to increase our volumes. Attendees learned how to best utilize their marketing budgets and skills to increase their market share. Brian Baker from Regents Health Resources, spoke about how to adequately measure the effect your marketing is having on imaging operations. Tammy Rabe and I spoke about how to appropriately increase referrals in a competitive market. Chris Mason and Jason Theadore spoke about how to successfully build strong referral relationships. Craig Anderson, Chris Masone, and Jason Theadore spoke about how to actively engage physicians, management, and employees into the marketing plan. Finally, Mike Suddendorf, Amanda Wilkie, and Daniel Beyda spoke about how to successfully brand your radiology initiatives. As 49 people can attest, the marketing track was definitely advantageous.

The Basic Track started on Tuesday afternoon and featured qualified speakers; many considered experts in the field of medical imaging management. This track is ideal for anyone with minimal managerial experience. Some of the topics included business writing, effective communication, quality improvement, project management, budgeting, and asset management, among others. Every attendee took away some aspect of management that they could implement at their current place of employment.

Finally, the Advanced Track featured many prominent speakers. Many topics dealt with issues that we, as imaging leaders, deal with on a daily basis. However, many of the issues we have difficulty solving are due to the complexity of the problems. The speakers helped us deal with these issues in a more systematic and effective way. Some of the topics included increasing productivity, imaging utilization, coding and reimbursement, asset management in digital radiography, and various leadership topics, among others. I am certain that all attendees found it very beneficial.

As the Design Team Chair for the 2012 Fall Conference, I would like to thank all of those who attended. I would encourage everyone to attend other AHRA functions; to take advantage of the wonderful educational sessions the AHRA has to offer, as well as the opportunity to network with many of your peers. For those of you who could not attend this year’s Fall Conference, you missed a great conference in a very unique and fun city! Don’t miss out on the next one: save the date for the Spring Conference in Los Angeles, CA, April 9-11, 2013.

Jason Scott, MBA, CRA, RT(R)(MR) is the director of imaging/cardiac diagnostics/pulmonary/neurodiagnostics at Witham Health Services in Lebanon, IN. He can be reached at  

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