Attention CRAs: RACC Elections Now Online!

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By AHRA Staff

November 2012–The 2012 RACC Commissioner election is going on right now. The results of this election will determine who will help lead the CRA program. You have until November 28, 2012 to let your voice be heard. Click here to vote.

In accordance with RACC policy and procedure, the election is open to all CRAs in good standing. The 2012 vote will elect two commissioners to serve for three year terms on the RACC from January 2013 until December 2015.

What Do RACC Commissioners Do?
The RACC is made up of 6 CRAs and 1 non-CRA public member. Together, the commission works to shape the CRA program, promote the credential to imaging professionals and to the greater healthcare community, and to protect the integrity and value of the credential.

RACC commissioners:
• Determine policies relative to the CRA program, including certification eligibility requirements, recertification criteria and continuing education requirements, and fees associated with the CRA program.
• Manage CRA appeal and disciplinary processes to maintain the integrity of the CRA program in protecting the public.
• Bestow public recognition to those radiology administrators who satisfy all certification eligibility criteria and successfully complete the CRA examination, and who fulfill continuing education and recertification requirements established by the commission.

Commissioners are responsible to:
• Prepare for and attend all meetings of the RACC.
• Respect and maintain confidentiality of information and protocols for representation of the RACC and CRA program in the community and with the media.
• Establish the passing point for the CRA examination and assist in key verification as needed.
• Participate in item writers and/or test assembly meetings as needed.
• Vote on CRA policy and program issues.
• Serve as a resource of knowledge, support, and counsel to staff, committees, and other commissioners.

In short, the commissioners you vote on to the RACC work hard to make sure your CRA credential continues to be a mark of excellence in imaging administration!

The 2012 RACC Commissioner Ballot
This year, there are three CRAs running for RACC Commissioner. They were selected from among the nominees by the RACC Nominations Committee.

You can read their candidate statements below and review their full candidate profiles on the online ballot.

2012 RACC Commissioner Candidates
The following CRAs (in alphabetical order) are running for RACC Commissioner in the 2012 elections:

Enrico M. (Rick) Perez, RT(R), CRA, FAHRA
Title: Director of Radiology
Organization: Winthrop University Hospital
Address: Mineola, NY

Candidate for Re-election


The CRA certification is and should be the gold standard for all administrators working in the field to achieve. The certification is currently included in many job descriptions as either a requirement or preferred for an administrative position in imaging. Having sat for the very first exam after many years in the field, I had many reservations and concerns: what if I failed? However, after successfully completing the exam my fears turned to pride. This led to my becoming more involved in the process for seeking CRA certification, including working on task forces to write questions, review questions that could be used for the exam, and then review the answers and their relation to the questions. The CRA credential is now being recognized by the industry and governing bodies, so we will need to continue to explain what being a CRA means to the organization that hires one, and then what is necessary for the CRA to achieve to maintain his or her status. I believe my years and experience in the field of healthcare, my dedication to the AHRA, and my willingness to volunteer my time to assist in expanding the recognition of the CRA credential and education of AHRA members to seek higher levels of achievement will enable me to assist the Commission to meet these challenges.

Thank you.

Jacqui Rose, CRA, MBA, RT(R)
Title: Director of Imaging Services
Organization: Upper Valley Medical Center
Address: Troy, OH

Candidate for Re-election


I am honored to be considered for a second term as a RACC Commissioner. It hardly seems possible that my term is near its end. It’s been a truly remarkable experience and we have gained so much over the past couple years. However, I feel there is still much to do to build this credential to its fullest and bring its members the greatest value. We have begun several exciting new opportunities that I would love to continue to develop. Should you see fit to re-elect me to this commission, I will be happy to work on your behalf.

David A. Woodford, M.S., R.T. (R), CRA
Title: Director, Imaging and Cardiopulmonary Services
Organization: Heywood Hospital
Address: Gardner, MA


As a radiologic technologist for over 30 years and as an AHRA member for over 25 years, I am interested in constantly improving my own skills as an administrator and leader. I also enjoy working with other managers and helping them improve their own skills.

During my career I have worked in hospitals of varies sizes and purposes. I have worked in military hospitals (including air-transportable), community hospitals, academic medical centers, and for-profit hospitals. I have also done some teaching in a radiology technology program.

I would like to help influence the preparedness of other health care leaders. The skill set needed to be successful in leading a complex organization such as an imaging department or facility is varied and intense. We need to have knowledge of the technology and possess a well rounded set of competencies in order to be successful. I would like to do my part to help prepare the imaging leaders of today and tomorrow.

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