CRA: A 10 Year Tradition!

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By Mark W. Steffen, CRA, FAHRA

September 2012—What a great time to be a CRA!  I’m still on a high from last month’s Annual Meeting. Besides attending educational sessions and networking with old and new friends, I joined my fellow RACC commissioners in hosting the CRA reception for 100 of our CRA colleagues to celebrate the 10th year of the CRA credential.

For a bit of history, 204 people passed the very first CRA examination in July 2002. As of this month, 154 of this class of imaging leaders have retained their CRA certification, and another 9 are CRA-Retired. Thirty one members of the 2002 class were recognized at this reception. Can you name at least one member of the 2002 class pictured below?

In addition to honoring the class of 2002, the RACC commissioners distributed a 10 year pin to all in attendance to join in the celebration. If you are a 10 year CRA or 10 year CRA-Retired and you were not able to attend the reception, your pin will be mailed to you shortly.

The best part of attending these receptions is getting to know fellow members and learning more about their journeys as imaging leaders. For example, we had a family of CRAs attending the reception. Steve Richardson, from Elk Grove, CA, started his career in radiology in 1980, following in the footsteps of his uncle, Mickey Richardson of Thomaston, GA, who began his career in 1962. Steve’s sister, Freda Stewart from Columbus, GA, is also in the imaging family. All three are CRAs and proud of their certifications!

I also had the opportunity to connect CRAs who were looking for volunteer opportunities within the organization with other AHRA leaders. For example, I met Derek Taylor from South Bend, IN who was interested in volunteering. I was able to connect him with Jason Scott from Lebanon, IN, who is the Indiana state leader for membership and currently coordinating local area meetings in the state.

If you are reading this article and are not a CRA yet, the RACC challenges you to take the plunge! Fellow RACC commissioner Bruce Hammond has developed challenge chips, similar to poker chips. We passed these out to future CRAs to challenge them to take the CRA examination. Upon passing the exam, these individuals are to challenge other members by asking them to hold onto the chip until they achieve the CRA certification.

As a reminder, the CRA exam is held during the months of November and May at local computer testing sites. We currently stand at 906 CRAs, and the RACC’s goal is to achieve at least 1,000 CRAs by the 2013 Annual Meeting in Minneapolis. Be part of a proud tradition and register to take the exam today!

Mark W. Steffen, CRA, FAHRA is the director of radiology services at Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, IL. He can be reached at

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  1. Mark—wonderful article and I am so happy to see you involved. Way back when I met you, I knew you would be a great leader. I am also happy to see you on the RACC, which was my passion too before I retired.
    I hope you remember me—I certainly did you! 🙂
    Take care—

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