2012 Award and Scholarship Winners

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By AHRA Staff

August 2012—Congratulations to the following award and scholarship recipients!

President’s Award:
To be announced at the 2012 Annual Meeting and Exposition!

Award for Excellence:
Wanda Coker, CRA
Brenda DeBastiani, CRA
Ralph L. Lundquist
Craig T. Mitchell
Jason C. Theadore, CRA

Fellow Status:
Maureen R. Firth, CRA, FAHRA
Becky Lamberth, FAHRA
Kimlyn N. Queen, CRA, FAHRA
Brenda Rinehart, CRA, FAHRA
Cathleen P. Story, CRA, FAHRA

Gold Award:
Debra A. Lopez, CRA, FAHRA

Editorial Awards:

Outstanding Article:
Brenda Rinehart, CRA, FAHRA
“The TRACE Program: Improving Patient Safety”

Outstanding Column:
Mark Lerner
“Superstars: To Hire or Not to Hire?”

Annual Meeting Osborn Scholarship (Education Foundation):
Daniel Kwak
Ryan Lake
Mark Toatley

Annual Meeting Scholarship (AHRA):
Ellen B. Alexander, CRA
Debra A. Casey, CRA
Becky Lamberth, CRA, FAHRA
Leanne Linscott
Brian Matsusaka, CRA
Marjory V. Savino, CRA
Louise Saxby, CRA
Lorraine Thies

Broadley Scholarships (Education Foundation):
Debra Tobin
Amanda Wood, CRA

Kudos to the 2012 Member Recognition Team for their hard work & dedication!

2012 Member Recognition Team:
Cheryl Poretti, CRA-Chair
Brenda Holden, CRA, FAHRA
Adrienne Turner
Marilyn Bjoralt

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